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A Heavy Duty Ladder from Titan Ladders

July 29, 2013 0
In the world of extension ladders, there is not much that can beat the rope operated 5.5 metre Titan Trojan triple extension ladder from Titan Ladders. It is designed for heavy industrial use and is perfect for working environments such as factories, building sites, warehouses and aircraft hangars. Weighing in at 65 kilos, this is not a light piece of equipment, but the wall wheels help with extending the ladder. Titan Ladders have a specially designed Supagrip articulated foot for their ladders and these safety feet make sure the ladder stays where it is meant to. The full height of this triple extension ladder is 14.7 metres, just under 50 feet, while it measures 5.5 metres when closed. It's not called the Trojan for nothing! Titan Ladders have created a ladder that is not intended for s...
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A little bit about...Titan Stepladders

June 12, 2013 0
Titan is one of the most trusted names in ladder manufacturing.  They are a UK based company with over fifty years of experience and the reputation to match.  We have looked at some of Titan ladders offerings on this blog, but their step ladder range deserves some more detail. Titan ladders make three ranges of step ladder: the medium duty class 1 builders steps, the heavy duty class 1 builders steps and the heavy duty class 1 platform steps, which is Titan ladders most industrial range.  These come in heights of between 4 feet (three tread model) to over 11 feet (twelve tread model) and are rated to hold a load of up to 175 kilos (kitemarked to BS2037 class 1). The price reflects this, as they range from £73 to £137, but then the Titan ladders name and quality is worth paying for you are ...
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A little bit about...Telescopic Ladders...

May 08, 2013 0
Telescopic ladders are the handyman's best friend. A big problem for those who wish to simply do a little DIY or the odd maintenance job with a friend is that to purchase and store a solid, upright aluminium ladder can be a bit of a financial drain as well as a drain on precious storage space. Telescopic ladders help to solve these problems. Also known as extendible, collapsible or telescoping ladders, they are designed to collapse to around a mere 3ft in length, making them easy to store and easy to move around. Their portability makes them a great option for professionals as well and we see telescopic ladders used in all sorts of industries particularly where a ladder is required every day at a number of different locations. This makes them particularly popular amongst decorators and sur...
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Titan Ladders - Built in Britain

May 01, 2013 1
Titan Ladders are a very well recognised manufacturer of ladders in the UK. The independent Bristol based firm has over fifty years of ladder industry experience and are often considered to be the best and largest British manufacturer of ladders for both the trade and domestic sectors. Although Titan Ladders don't supply direct to consumers, they have great coverage through DIY shops, plant hire and builders' merchants as well as specialist ladder retailers like us. They are members of the British Ladder Manufacturer's Association, further enhancing their reputation for excellence.What Ladder Do You Want? Whether you are looking for a wooden, aluminium or fibreglass ladder, Titan Ladders is sure to have something to fit your exact requirements. They also make spiral staircases and scaffold...
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