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Fantasy ladder

April 07, 2017 0
Imagine you could design a ladder, with complete freedom of choice over materials, dimensions, capabilities and accessories.  What sort of ladder would you design?  A major concern for many people when choosing a ladder is where it is going to be stored when it is not being used, or how it will be transported to and from work if it is a trade ladder.  For that reason, it is tempting to think that telescopic technology might be favoured in the design of a fantasy ladder, as this is one of the most compact types of ladder out there.  The concertina style folds of the space saving loft ladder are also appealing, but there is a risk of getting fingers caught up in the mechanism. For this imaginary ladder, we will stick with telescopic legs. The most useful ladders are multi-functional, serving...
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Stepladders - Your New Best Friend

May 15, 2015 1
A step ladder is your best friend around the home.  A short one is useful for reaching on top of cupboards and high shelves, and a tall one is the best for hanging wallpaper, painting or putting up shelves or picture hooks.  Not many step ladders can be both short and tall at the same time, so you might think about buying two that will fulfil all your height needs.  Domestic rated step ladders are not expensive, and if you already have, say, a tall step ladder then you only need to buy a shorter one if you have the need for it.  If you don't have any step ladders, or need to replace the ones you already have, then the Little Giant Select Step or Little Giant Classic is a good bet.  With the Select Step achieving platform heights of between 80cm and 1.6 metres and the Classic available...
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6 rung Little Giant Ladder Revolution XE?

September 25, 2014 0
What Can I Do With a 6 rung Little Giant LadderLittle Giant ladders are renowned for their adaptability, unique top-hinge design, reliability and the 6-rung Revolution XE is the very best of the range. Rated to EN131 for trade and light industrial use, the Revolution XE comes with a lifetime warranty, so confident are Little Giant in the quality of construction and design. This means that for a home user or professional, the investment is protected for ever and at £255 including VAT and delivery, this is good to know.£50 for a Ladder? Bargain! If we look at the price and the variety of ways in which this ladder can be used, it costs approximately £50 per ladder, as the Little Giant Revolution XE can be used as an A frame step ladder, 90 degree step ladder, stairway ladder, straight extens...
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What Can I Do With a 3-rung Little Giant Classic?

September 22, 2014 0
The Little Giant Classic series of ladders is the original 24-in-1 ladder system from the highly regarded American manufacturer and the 3-rung model is the shortest available.  Although there may only be three rungs in the shortest step-ladder configuration, the legs extend to give a six-rung step ladder with a maximum height of 1.48 metres.  When fully extended as a straight ladder, the height of 3.04 metres is enough to reach the roofline of a bungalow or the bottom of the first floor windows of a two-storey home.As with all Little Giant 24-in-1 ladders, the three-rung Classic can be used as a step ladder, 90-degree step ladder, straight extension ladder, stairway ladder and trestle for a work platform.  The 90-degree step ladder configuration is perfect for cleaning windows as the an...
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Spring into Spring

June 15, 2014 0
Springtime is here! Summer nearly too! whilst that might seem optimistic given the recent and ongoing bad weather, it won't be long before enjoying the outdoors is once again on the cards.  If you have a conservatory then you can enjoy the coming warmer weather without being exposed to the elements; you can even enjoy a thunderstorm or April shower from the comfort of a conservatory.  However, after the high winds, storms and mini tornadoes some of us have experienced over the past few months, the outside of many conservatories will need a good clean, otherwise you can't enjoy the outdoor views. Cleaning the vertical windows of a conservatory is easy, as they are all on the first floor and can be cleaned by hand from the ground.  You may need a small step ladder or extension ladder to reac...
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A Giant Among Ladders

April 11, 2014 0
In 1972 Harold 'Hal' Wing founded The Little Giant Ladder company in America.  During the 1970s the entrepreneur had been working in Germany for an insurance company where he met a painter and decorator who, fed up of needing several different ladders for each job, had designed the first multi-purpose ladder.  Walter Kummerlin built his prototype wooden ladder to work as an extension ladder, step ladder and stairway ladder so it would perform perfectly for any decorating job he had. Kummerlin had tried to market his ladder in the USA, but did not have any success.  Wing, a keen salesman, knew how to break into the elusive American market and began importing and selling the ladders from his garage in 1972. Trade fairs were the place that Wing grew his customer base.  He understood that the ...
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