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10 Sep Chair Step Ladders Rise Again!
10 Sep 0 1675
Last year we wrote about two chairs that become step ladders: the Chairway by Dutch designer Sjors van der Leest, and a Chinese design that is made in two parts.  At Milan Design Week 2014, studioventotto unveiled another kitchen chair and step ladder in one.  The Milan based design team calls their multifunctional furniture ‘suppergiù’, and it is the simplest of the three chair step ladders.The wooden seat is made in two halves; the front half is removed and placed between the front legs to put it in ladder mode.  It is a similar method to the Chairway, but rather than have a whole second detachable seat to go between the front legs, the suppergiù only uses half the front seat as the bottom step.  Small studs screwed into the sides of the front legs provide support for the b..
19 Mar Telescopic Ladders - Now for the Loft too!
19 Mar 0 1917
Brand New Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladders Now Available Midland Ladders are delighted to announce our product launch today of the brand new range of Youngman Telescopic Loft Ladders.For some years Telescopic ladders have been providing safe access to heights to homeowners and trades, it was only a matter of time before the lightweight clever technology was transferred to one of the primary uses for ladders in the home, getting into the loft. This new product introduces 21st century technology to the loft ladder market which may well over time see the phasing out of the old style folding, sliding and concertina loft ladders, especially where space is at a real premium in those difficult to access hatches and lofts; taking up virtually no loft floorspace and requiring minimal vertical cle..
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