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5 Stories That Would Have Been Different with Ladders

September 23, 2016 0
Ladders are important, and it is a known fact. Without them there is a lot that we could not reach, and many things we would not be able to do. Cats would remain stuck in trees, ceilings would go unpainted, and people would never be rescued from burning buildings. Ladders are so useful, in fact, that there are quite a few tales that could have been very different if ladders had been used. Here are five such stories that would have been different with ladders, and maybe even ended differently too.Goldilocks and the Three BearsWe all know the story of the little girl who entered the home of three bears while they were out, ate their food, and broke their furniture. Then she slept in their bed, unaware that they were returning home. Now, in the original story, Goldilocks is eaten by the three...
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The Three Little Pigs (Part 2)

December 30, 2014 0
Little did they know that the idyllic looking field they had chosen was also a favourite hunting ground for the local big bad wolf and as night fell the wolf emerged from his den in the woods and sniffed the air. “I smell something TASTY!” exclaimed the wolf as the breeze wafted the scent of the three little pigs straight into his nostrils. The big bad wolf had dreamed of eating pork for many years, but the electric fences at all the local farms had thwarted his efforts thus far. He had even tried using a ladder to climb over the fences, but being a wolf, he didn’t realise that metal ladders conduct electricity and had singed his tail quite badly. If he had thought to use a fibreglass ladder our piggies would have been safe!The big bad wolf prowled through the woods, looking for the ...
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The Three Little Pigs (and Ladders!)

December 03, 2014 0
Once upon a time there were three little pigs. They were all brothers and it was time for them to leave the family sty and forge ahead on their own. So, one morning they had their breakfast of porridge and eggs and packed up their things to leave. Their mother and father waved goodbye to them at the gate and the three little pigs set off on their way.The three little pigs trotted along the pathway and started to look for a suitable place to build their homes. The first field they came across had big tall brambles growing in it, and the three little pigs got badly scratched. “We can’t build our homes here!” said Thomas, the eldest of the pigs. “Weee agreeee!” said the other two and they carried on looking.The second field they found was full of cows and the three little pigs were ...
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Alternative Fairy Tales - Rapunzel

June 21, 2013 0
Once upon a time there was a man and a woman who longed for a child, but no such luck was theirs and they remained childless.  Through the window of their simple cottage they could see their neighbour's garden, abundant with vegetables, fruit, flowers and herbs.  The garden was surrounded by a high wall and no-one dared scale it, partly because the garden belonged to a wicked witch and partly because no-one had a ladder tall enough to reach. One day the woman was standing at the upstairs window, looking longingly at the lush green lettuces growing in the verdant garden, when her husband asked her what was the matter.  She replied that she must have some of the lettuce: it was her heart's desire if she was not to have the child she wanted so much.What's A Man to Do? The man went online and ...
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Alternative Fairy Tales - Jack and The Beanstalk Part 2

June 19, 2013 0
The day came when the gold had run out, and Jack knew he must brave the ogre's house once more.  Up the beanstalk he went, using his makeshift ladder.  When Jack reached the top of the ladder, he walked bravely along the path and snuck into the house once again.  In the kitchen he found the tall woman from before and once more asked for some breakfast.  The woman recognized Jack, and asked him Did you notice a bag of gold go missing when you were last here? Ever the quick thinker, Jack made a show of pondering, and replied that “I might know something, but hunger is clouding my vision, you'd better give me something to eat and I might be able to remember. The tall woman gave Jack some ham and bread and hid him once more in the jam pot as her husband rumbled down the hall. 'Fee Fi Fo Fum...
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Alternative Fairy Tales - Jack and The Beanstalk Part 1

June 11, 2013 0
Once upon a time there was a poor widow, who lived with her only son, Jack, in a tumbledown cottage in the country.  They had a cow, whose milk they drank and sold to buy food for themselves.  But one day, the cow didn't give them any milk, so Jack's mother told Jack he must sell the cow and with the money they would buy a pig to feed them. So Jack took the cow's rope and started down the path to market. On the way, Jack met a strange old man, who stopped to talk to him. Jack explained that he was on the way to market to sell the cow, for she had stopped giving any milk.  The old man nodded and started talking about beans. Jack was a little confused, but humoured the old man anyway. As the strange looking man continued his soliloquy about pulses, he pulled out five strange looking beans fr...
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