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A Closer Look At Combination Ladders

June 01, 2013 2
We've looked at the basics of combination ladders and what sets them apart from other multifunctional ladders, such as multipurpose ladders - Quick recap:combination ladders are basically extension ladders which also work as step ladders and stairwell ladders, constructed from three sections which are joined, but move independently.  They are self supporting when used in the step ladder and stairwell ladder positions.  Multipurpose ladders on the other hand are folding ladders usually of four sections linked by strong multi-position locking hinges. Lets take a closer look at a few of the more popular combination ladders….Midland Ladders offer combination ladder models from four different manufacturers Zarges, Youngman, Abru and Hailo (which we looked at briefly in the last combination la...
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Combination Ladders - The Basics

May 23, 2013 0
A combination ladder, for those not in the know, is a ladder that combines a step ladder, extension ladder and sometimes a stairwell ladder all in one.  Because of the construction and design of combination ladders, they work very well as extendible step ladders: self-supporting but with a taller reach than any other type of step ladder.Combination Ladders - Amazing Versatility! Most combination ladders comprise three sections which can be extended as a standard 3-section extension leaning ladder for use where a supporting wall is available. The uppermost section is usually easily removable should you only require a 2-section ladder thus reducing the weight in use. But combination ladders all have ingeniously designed top brackets which allow two of the three sections to open and lock in ...
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