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Time to Get Out Your Garden Ladder?

April 25, 2015 0
Time for Garden Ladders?Early last year many of us were looking out at our flooded gardens, wondering whether we'd ever be able to salvage the lawn and put things right again.  A year on and no doubt there is still some work to be done, but most people have managed to fix a lot of the flood damage already.  This year we can start to build on that progress and get our gardens ready for the spring and summer months. Orchard Ladders The months of January and February typically see the coldest weather of the year, so there is not a lot that can be done in terms of planting out, but you can still get garlic and onions ready in pots to transfer outdoors when the weather gets warmer. Fruit trees and plants can be put into the ground at this time of year as well, and the ground can be prepared for...
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Spring into Spring

June 15, 2014 0
Springtime is here! Summer nearly too! whilst that might seem optimistic given the recent and ongoing bad weather, it won't be long before enjoying the outdoors is once again on the cards.  If you have a conservatory then you can enjoy the coming warmer weather without being exposed to the elements; you can even enjoy a thunderstorm or April shower from the comfort of a conservatory.  However, after the high winds, storms and mini tornadoes some of us have experienced over the past few months, the outside of many conservatories will need a good clean, otherwise you can't enjoy the outdoor views. Cleaning the vertical windows of a conservatory is easy, as they are all on the first floor and can be cleaned by hand from the ground.  You may need a small step ladder or extension ladder to reac...
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Conservatory Ladders - A Ladder You May Not Have Heard Of!

April 03, 2013 71
Conservatory ladders are something a little different! We've looked at specialist ladders for orchard workers and tree surgeons, as well as specialist ladders for window cleaners and other access solutions that a window cleaner might use, but this one special ladder deserves a column of its own. It is used by window cleaners, by installers, and sometimes by homeowners. It would be a perfect ladder for a burglar, allowing access via a route that is normally out of bounds for a housebreaker.  It is two ladders in one, but it is not a normal combination ladder.  It is designed to be used only outside the home, and cannot be adapted for internal use. If that was not enough of a riddle for you, it also features more than one moving or adjustable part, but is designed specifically for a job whic...
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