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Fifty Fire Escape Ladders for Josh

December 10, 2014 1
In northern Iowa, USA, residents of Charles City have started a project called Operation Josh's Ladder, which aims to raise money to buy escape ladders for all two-storey homes.  So far, the group has purchased fifty such ladders and distributed them to homes in the city, along with training provided by a Fire Chief from a nearby town.  The ladders are the portable type, meaning they are not fixed to the windowsill but can be stored near the window and deployed quickly in an emergency by way of the windowsill hooks. Operation Josh's Ladder was started after 27-year-old Josh Nelson died in a fire in March this year. He was unable to escape from the second storey apartment, but would have been able to get out had there been an escape ladder available to use.  This prompted residents and rela...
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Escape Ladders - Think You Don't Need One?

August 20, 2014 0
Two people living in a second floor apartment used an escape ladder to flee their burning building earlier this month in Hampton, New Hampshire, USA. The fire blocked their usual exit and they had no option but to use the escape ladder (which was six feet too short) to get to safety. Without the escape ladder, things could have ended very differently. Although the fire service arrived quickly, smoke inhalation can have awful effects in a very short time, so no doubt getting out of the burning building quickly made all the difference. Many people don't have an escape ladder or other escape route in their home for emergencies, although workplaces are required by law to have fire escapes and fire doors. Rental properties are subject to stricter fire regulations than privately owned homes, so ...
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