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07 Sep What Do I Need a Ladder Staging Kit for?
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Ladder staging kits are designed to provide an alternative to scaffolding and scaffolding towers at a fraction of the size and with a much faster erection and dismantling time.  They are useful for maintenance jobs and window repairs that take a long time - longer than you would want to be on a ladder for.  The kits are to be used with a pair of identical ladders (or at the least, two ladders that have the same rung heights so the staging can be set up on a level plane).  We recommend that for stability, the ladders used to support the staging kits are rated for trade or industrial use.If the ladders used are certified for the work environment, the toeboards supplied are used and the ladders are fitted with Ladderbrace stabilisers then the system is compliant with HSE regulations. ..
29 Apr Ladder Stagings and Platforms
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We hope it’s getting to that time of year when a good spring clean is in order (although from the snow in April it hardly seems likely!), and most spring-cleaning jobs require ladders. Whether it’s to get into the loft, to tidy high up cupboards or to access gutters and windows, they can be very useful.  Jobs like gutter clearing, window cleaning and exterior maintenance require sturdy, reliable ladders for working at height, as these jobs often involve tools and require the ability to move around whilst carrying out the task at hand. The Solution: Ladder Staging Kits! Ladder staging kits are an ideal solution for these sorts of jobs, where it is not as safe to carry them out just standing on a ladder.  The ladder staging kit creates a high working platform (according to the length..
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