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27 Jun Tripod Ladders-what are they?
H John 27 Jun 3 2463
When it comes to tackling out of reach jobs around the garden, tripod ladders are becoming ever more popular and rightly so. Most of us need a little help reaching higher jobs in the garden from time to time, whether it's pruning, hedge trimming, fruit picking or cutting back the ivy, and the natural solution is to grab that old pair of steps from the garage. But if you've ever tried this, and I'm sure we all have, you will soon realize that ordinary household stepladders were never designed for garden use. Their legs and feet are much too skinny and tend to sink easily into turf or soil making for an extremely unstable and dangerous base from which to work. Plus the handrail on such steps is usually far too low to be of much use when you are stood on the platform. So for years we have str..
14 Mar Using a Ladder in the Garden
14 Mar 0 3436
If you are thinking of pruning back shrubs and trees this winter, there is a range of tools and ladders available to make reaching high branches easier and safer. For major work on trees, especially tall trees, it is best to contract a tree surgeon, as they are experienced in trimming different types of tree and have insurance for working at height, as well as rope equipment and specialist cutting tools for very tall trees. A good tree surgeon will be able to recommend a course of action for every tree in your garden, according to your needs. For smaller trees and hedges, a pair of long handled lopping shears is a good investment. Telescopic models are available allowing you to remain on the ground whilst pruning taller plants. They can be difficult to manouevre in dense shrubs though; som..
10 Apr Ladders of The Green Fingered Variety!
10 Apr 0 2049
As a gardener knowledge of the right equipment to use for the job is key and there will be times when you need truly specialised garden ladders, designed for when indulging in your green fingered pursuits. At some point every bush or hedge needs pruning and there will occasionally be some kind of rot inducing pest that invades your favourite ornamental tree leaving its branches a danger to itself and any unsuspecting passers-by should they remain in place untended. Garden platforms and ladders are so useful in these types of scenarios so lets have a closer look. Safety is first and foremost the primary reason for buying a specially designed ladder for gardening. According to government statistics around 6000 gardeners fall off of their rickety old ladders every year and that doesn't includ..
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