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How to Ensure Your Ladder is Stable

June 23, 2016 0
If you are working at height it is likely that you will need to work on a ladder. If used inappropriately ladders can be incredibly dangerous and can result in significant injuries and even death. For those that are nervous about working on a ladder, we have put together a list of things you should do to ensure you ladder is stable before you use it.Firstly it is important to check the condition of the ladder. This may sound like a no brainer, but you would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t carry out inspections. Obviously your ladder needs to be in good working order. In particular when we are talking about stabilising your ladder you need to ensure that the feet of your ladder are safe, in place and in good working condition. If the feet are damaged you need to get them re...
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6 Accessories That Improve Your Ladder

June 09, 2016 0
If you use a ladder regularly, you’ll know that there are a number of situations where things just don’t quite work out. For example, you could have an uneven floor where it's difficult to get a solid base or you might need to balance the ladder against a fragile part of a building such as window ledge. The good news is that there are a number accessories available to make even the most difficult job a lot easier.Ladder Safety FeetOne of the key problems with ladders is making sure that you have a secure base. People often get a second person to secure the bottom of the ladder but if you don't have someone to do that there are ladder safety feet available. These provide a better grip than the bottom of the ladder alone and can work on a range of surfaces, providing a more secure base f...
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Complete Your Ladder System - Part 2

September 19, 2014 0
In our previous post, we started looking at some of the accessories Midland Ladders offer to complement your existing ladders and transform them into the complete access kit.  Part two looks at safety feet and other add-ons for job-specific adaptations.Ladder Accessories for Grip The 'Supagrip' articulated safety feet feature large rubber pads that swivel forwards and backwards to achieve the perfect angle whilst offering non-slip surface contact that also prevents sinking into soft ground.  They are only available as a factory-fitted option on orders from Midland Ladders and come fitted to the Titan range of trade and light industrial ladders.  If you are purchasing one of these ladders, it's a great idea to get these feet fitted, but do bear in mind that other levelling products such as ...
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Another Great Ladder Invention from the USA

June 26, 2014 0
An American inventor has devised a new type of ladder stand off, one that is adjustable for different surfaces and constructions.  The ladder bracket attaches to two rungs of the ladder, instead of just one, like many other existing stand offs. The bracket itself has rollers that make contact with the building surface and these rollers can be adjusted to different widths, allowing the ladder to be positioned around window frames, on curved walls and around corners. The adjustable width does mean that the ladder might be further away from the wall at the top than it should be, but careful positioning at the base ensures that the lean angle of the ladder is kept safe. Repairing windows and replacing fascias and soffits can be done very easily as you can position the ladder around the window,...
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Ladder Ideas from Across the Pond

January 21, 2014 0
Following on from our article about a ladder safety bracket designed in New Zealand, here are a few ladder accessory ideas from the USA.The first is a set of plugs, which fit inside the rungs of a ladder. These are not for weight, stability or safety, but instead are designed to stop the whistling and howling noises that ladders make when strapped to the top of a vehicle. The idea is that if the hollow rungs are blocked off from the air-flow, they cannot cause any rushing, squealing wind sounds. Given the weather we've been having lately - this idea is certainly one that appeals.Next up we have another ladder accessory that relies on the use of a vehicle as well. Invented by a man named John Spicer, the MonkeyRack ladder stabilizer attaches to the hitch on the back of a vehicle and holds a...
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Ladders and Wet Weather Working

January 09, 2014 0
An apt seasonal piece today, pesky storms!No one wants to be up a ladder in the rain, but those who rely on ladders for their work don’t have the luxury of waiting for better weather. Slippery ground and wet ladders all increase the risk of slipping and falling, but there are some precautions that can be taken in bad weather.Firstly, a pair of gloves with good grip (gardening gloves are ideal as they often have rubberised palms) will stop your hands slipping as you climb and also help keep them warm so they can grip properly on the way down. A hat to keep the rain out of your eyes is also a good idea, as well as waterproof clothing if needed.Proper protective clothing is essential when working outside in wet weather. Waterproof overtrousers and jackets will fit over your existing work ge...
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A Permanent Ladder Bracket

November 29, 2013 0
A team of engineers from Christchurch, New Zealand, have designed and manufactured a ladder safety bracket for safer roof access. Derek Sutherland came up with the idea after learning that a friend had fallen off a ladder at work and badly injured his spine.  Sutherland and his workmate Karl Hofstee designed and built the prototype, and with the help of another engineer, Anthony Elley, formed Heightsafe NZ. The ladder bracket is designed to provide a secure point to fix a ladder in order to access a flat roof, such as a warehouse or industrial building, without the need for a permanent ladder in place.  It is bolted to the wall at the top of the building and consists of arms to hold the top of the ladder in place and prevent it from slipping to the side which allows you to climb up more sa...
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