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What is the best ladder for spring cleaning? Part 2

April 24, 2017 0
Having multiple ladder functions within one ladder is ideal for homeowners undertaking spring cleaning or general domestic tasks.  Combination ladders, as the name suggests, combine a step ladder, stairway ladder, extending step ladder and extension ladder into a single piece of equipment.  Available in various heights these ladders will fulfil most of the functions a homeowner may require, but they do not provide a hop-up or trestle platform for painting or wallpapering.  If these tasks are not on the list of domestic jobs, then a combination ladder is a great option as a piece of access equipment that does not take up too much space when stored but which will offer a variety of access methods for any job around the home.  The extending step ladder function is ideal for external jobs wher...
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What Can I Do With a Folding Multi-Purpose Ladder

September 08, 2014 0
Folding ladders are a great solution to the problem of ladder storage: constructed in four hinged sections, this multi purpose ladder is 94cm tall and 70cm wide when it is closed, meaning it fits into a car boot or cupboard when not in use.  It offers a straight ladder of 3.46 metres, as well as a step ladder, work platform, stair ladder, stair platform and stand-off ladder.  In fact, it has over 10 useable positions, so you can use it in many situations.Three dual locking hinges join the four sections of this ladder, so there are no spreader bars when it is used as a step ladder.  This means it can be used over low walls and other obstacles.  The step ladder is 1.7 metres tall, but rubber-tipped wide stabilising bars at each end give this ladder a stable base.The work platform mode is...
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What's So Special about Multi Purpose Ladders?

July 09, 2013 0
The multi-purpose ladder offers the ultimate in versatility. Not to be confused with a combination ladder (which are similar in some respects but are not normally used with platforms), the multi purpose ladder has, as the name suggests, a multitude of purposes. These versatile and hard working ladders can be used as straight ladders, step ladders, staircase ladders, work platforms, staircase platforms, all with a range of working positions in between. Once described as “the Optimus Prime of ladders”, multi-purpose ladders really are like something from Transformers.Homeowners with a flair for DIY and enough space to store one of these ladders should seriously consider replacing their existing ladders with one of these beauties. The Little Giant Select Step is the perfect example of a m...
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Checking Your Ladders: How to Safely Spring Clean

May 15, 2013 0
Spring really is here, finally! Time to dust of your ladders for a spring clean. Hopefully now we are into May (though it seems we have inherited April's showers) we shouldn't see any snow for a few months... Plus, with a few bank holidays sprinkled around, it's also that time of year when the paintbrushes come out, garages, sheds and gardens are tidied, lawns are mowed and generally everybody has a bit of a sort out. Spring cleaning is one of those long projects that can involve a few different ladders. There might be a short step used indoors, a tall step ladder used for painting, a loft ladder for ferrying bits and pieces to and from the attic, an extension ladder for reaching guttering and windows; almost every type of ladder you can think of often gets pulled out at this time of year....
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Ladders of The Green Fingered Variety!

April 10, 2013 0
As a gardener knowledge of the right equipment to use for the job is key and there will be times when you need truly specialised garden ladders, designed for when indulging in your green fingered pursuits. At some point every bush or hedge needs pruning and there will occasionally be some kind of rot inducing pest that invades your favourite ornamental tree leaving its branches a danger to itself and any unsuspecting passers-by should they remain in place untended. Garden platforms and ladders are so useful in these types of scenarios so lets have a closer look. Safety is first and foremost the primary reason for buying a specially designed ladder for gardening. According to government statistics around 6000 gardeners fall off of their rickety old ladders every year and that doesn't includ...
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Multi-purpose Ladders – Applications and Reviews

February 11, 2013 0
Multi purpose ladders are the ultimate in ladder versatility.  Where a combination ladder offers a step ladder and extension ladder, the multi-purpose ladder offers a step ladder, extension ladder, staircase ladder, work platform and more.  Usually constructed from four sections hinged in three places, these ladders fold up to a small size when not in use, but can be unfolded and secured in several different positions, covering nearly every requirement for a ladder.  For decorating and renovating jobs these ladders are perfect, as they adapt to most tasks.  Work on stairways can be tackled with these ladders, as can simple wall painting.  Leaving the top of the wall and the top cutting in until last means you can get most of the job done with feet firmly on the ground, then deploy the...
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