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Wooden Ladders for Firefighters?

February 06, 2015 0
Nowadays most fire departments across the world use aluminium for their ladders, both freestanding and vehicle-mounted types.  It makes sense: aluminium is cheap, pretty durable, won’t catch fire and has a fairly high melting point, making it the go-to material for firefighting ladders.  Why, then, does the San Francisco Fire Department insist on using wood, a flammable material?The SFFD make their own ladders in their repair workshop, where they also recondition and refurbish wooden ladders dating back around 100 years, so these ladders are certainly durable.  The main reason they use wood is the durability of the material compared to aluminium.  While the soft metal is susceptible to stress damage and heat, wooden ladders can withstand repeated stresses without becoming damaged, so...
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Chinese Children's Ladder to School

June 06, 2013 0
Now, we all know what climbing a ladder is ultimately for: to get to a high place that we otherwise could not reach. Well, these school children from Sangzhi county in rural Southern China, take this undisputed fact to a whole new level. Located high in the Badagong mountains, is a small remote village of around 100 residents. Totally cut off from the outside world, every single one (including pet dogs and livestock) has to make a terrifyingly precarious journey in order to reach the valley below.130 Feet of Ladders Using an assortment of rickety looking wooden ladders that reach a total of one hundred and thirty feet, adults and their children, some as young as five, climb up and down the sheer cliffs that surround their home. The ladders are unsecured, rest against vertical rock faces an...
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Ladders and Weddings?

June 03, 2013 0
You remember that old, cracked, pain splattered wooden step ladder that lurks in the corner of the loft or garage, collecting dust and its very own community of arachnids.  It’s really time that you replaced it, isn't it? Over at the Midland ladders online store, there is a whole range of high quality aluminium step ladders suitable for all of your DIY needs, but it does seem a shame to completely dismiss your old faithful wooden friend. Well, there is an innovative and inventive way to put your old ladder to good use; as a food display for your son’s or daughter’s wedding day!A Ladder Stand Whilst we would not recommend using a step ladder to serve the main dinner event on, there are many instances across the internet that show they can serve as a nifty and unusual platform fro...
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Checking Your Ladders: How to Safely Spring Clean

May 15, 2013 0
Spring really is here, finally! Time to dust of your ladders for a spring clean. Hopefully now we are into May (though it seems we have inherited April's showers) we shouldn't see any snow for a few months... Plus, with a few bank holidays sprinkled around, it's also that time of year when the paintbrushes come out, garages, sheds and gardens are tidied, lawns are mowed and generally everybody has a bit of a sort out. Spring cleaning is one of those long projects that can involve a few different ladders. There might be a short step used indoors, a tall step ladder used for painting, a loft ladder for ferrying bits and pieces to and from the attic, an extension ladder for reaching guttering and windows; almost every type of ladder you can think of often gets pulled out at this time of year....
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Ladders in Ye Olde Days: How Did You Get One?

April 19, 2013 0
Surprisingly enough ladders have not always been available at the click of a button, far from it in fact!  But, they have been a vital tool for progression and prosperity for a very long time. From the chimney sweep to the farmer, from the window cleaner to the cook, all trades and all walks of life have probably had to, at some point or another, rely on a simple wooden ladder to complete the jobs for the day.So Where Did the Ladders Come From? Back before the days when there were no electrical saws or even necessarily a lead pencil to do your measuring with, how did people make a simple ladder?  It makes sense that wooden ladders were the tool of choice from the Middle ages, being that aluminium wasn’t really around and once the basic design was perfected, although no-one knows who p...
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Famous Ladders from Around the World

April 08, 2013 0
Now, ladders are an unlikely candidate for any level of public reverence, awe, or affection. You rarely see a ladder strolling down the red carpet in front of thousands of adoring fans, or wait with anticipation for the next episode of the newest, biggest, fastest ladder drama. Ladders are rarely considered to be beautiful, inspiring, or a top topic of conversation (except in our warehouse!). But there are a fair number of ladders that touch a place in our hearts, and have achieved a level of world fame that any Hollywood celebrity would be proud of.The Putucusi Ladders of Machu Picchu Let us start with the magnificent; the Putucusi Ladders of Machu Picchu. Machu Picchu is the world famous Inca city located in Peru, South America. Every year thousands flock to this revered site, climbing t...
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Wooden Ladders – Not just Loft Ladders!

March 13, 2013 0
It seems like wooden ladders have been around since the dawn of time. Although rope ladders are thought to be the first method that humans designed to reach those hard to get areas, the wooden ladder can arguably be described as THE iconic version of this brilliant tool. Used across all trades, serving industry, art, and the domestic household, the wooden ladder has been with us since the medieval age.  During these times, it was the key piece of equipment not only for chimney sweeps and cleaners of all kinds, but indeed for anyone whose home contained an attic.Wooden ladders remain a popular purchase. They are familiar, sturdy, a potentially more trustworthy piece of equipment compared with modern materials. Just about any type of ladder can be found in a wooden finish, reflecting this...
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