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Rudd wendy 02 May 0
  Ladders don't come with a best before date as a general rule.  If your ladder is 10 years old it may be ready to replace, or it may be serviceable for another 10 years with proper maintenance and storage.  That said, 10 years is a good point at which to take stock and decide whether your ladder is still in safe working order.   A wooden ladder, with proper care and storage, can last between 5 and 10 years comfortably, especially if it's a domestic one used infrequently.  A wooden ladder that is used every day ought to be replaced after 5 years or thereabouts, as the small cracks in the rungs that will develop with regular use, over time won't be visible until they're past the point of being dangerous.  If you use your wooden ladder a few times a year and store it out of the weather in..
Rudd wendy 18 Apr 0
Regular readers will know we love a tale of animals on ladders (or should that be tail?) and we've got a couple of sweet stories from around the world to share with you.  First up is the bear that got stuck in a skate-park in Snowmass, Colorado.  The concrete skate-park is easy to slide into, but not easy to get out of without a skateboard, a BMX, and some skills!   This skate-park is a bowl design, a bit like an empty swimming pool rather than open sided ramps, so when the bear slid in overnight it couldn't get out and was found by officials in the morning.  They procured a straight ladder with a flared base and lowered it into the bowl of the skate-park for the bear the climb up.  The wide base ensured that the ladder was stable on the sloping bottom of the structure and the bear manag..
Rudd wendy 04 Apr 0 62
That was the considered opinion of the lawyer representing the defendant in a strange case in the Michigan Court of Appeals recently.  This inter-familial court case arose after a man sued his wife's aunt for negligence following his fall from a ladder on her property.  The plaintiff, Rodney Whiteside, regularly undertook paid maintenance duties at the home of his wife's aunt Earlene Reinwand in 2020.  On the day of the fall he was due to change an external light bulb on an outbuilding on her property, a task for which a ladder was needed.   Whiteside selected an aluminium extension ladder which did not have safety feet, being of an older design.  This meant that the ladder was never going to be fully stable on the ground, but in the eyes of the court, this choice of ladder proved to be ..
Rudd wendy 28 Mar 0
Hiking ladders, or Via Ferrata (iron ways) to give them their proper name, have long held our interest due to the incredible applications of this technology and the wider impacts on rural societies.  Ladders are ancient technology; along with the wheel these structures are still in use today because they work.  Ladders provide access to otherwise unreachable places, whether that is the guttering on your house or a remote mountaintop village in rural China, so the children can get safely to school every day.    Via Ferrata are most commonly encountered in tourist destination hiking spots, where the use of ladder technology affords intrepid climbers breath-taking views of mountainous regions, with sights only the bravest will see.  In many rural areas these hiking ladder trails created a ..
Rudd wendy 21 Mar 0 103
The list of ladder-based jobs you do around the home might feel endless, but it's actually just very long!  Here's the top 10 domestic tasks requiring a ladder that you may do this year:   Light bulb changing High level dusting or spring cleaning Gutter clearing Hanging photographs or paintings Putting up shelves Accessing the loft Outdoor maintenance i.e. cleaning security lights or hanging decorations Garden jobs i.e. pruning climbing plants, vines or shrubs Repainting walls and doorframes Window cleaning   Not everyone will need to do all these jobs – many of us have a window cleaner who comes regularly to do that job, but if you're not on an established round you may find it hard to access this service.  People without outside space won't need to worry about gardening t..
Rudd wendy 14 Mar 0 136
No Falls Week, running from the 13th to the 17th of May 2024, is a new initiative from the No Falls Foundation, a charity set up to prevent falls from height and support those whose lives have changed following a fall at home or at work.    In the last year alone 40 people died as the result of a fall from height at work, out of more than 5,000 reported accidents.  Self-employed people are less likely to report a fall from height; estimates by the Health and Safety Executive suggest that in the past decade over 425,000 workplace falls have happened.  When you think about the number of domestic ladder accidents that also happen each year, the scale of the problem shows why a dedicated No Falls Week is a great idea.   The charity was launched in 2021, issuing the No Falls Charter in its..
Rudd wendy 07 Mar 0 119
We're staunch advocates for the safe use of ladders, but we also like to have a laugh at the mad things some people do with ladders, that most definitely fall into the unsafe or jaw dropping category.  The best place to go online for the daftest ladder users is Vertikal with their Death Wish series.  One of the best recent examples, which left us with our heads in our hands, was a three-ladder set up where safety had been thought about, but only for approximately ten seconds.    The ladder lunacy in question was two long, fully extended ladders that had been cable tied together to reach over 12 metres, with a third ladder used as a bulge brace – that's the ten seconds of safety consideration.  The main extension ladder looks to have around 16 rungs per section and is fully extended, mak..
Rudd wendy 29 Feb 0 136
Easter is the perfect time to run some ladder refresher training, because nothing motivates people quite like the promise of chocolate!  While a domestic egg hunt for kids involves hiding chocolate at the eye level of a child, running one for adults gives you a lot more leeway in terms of hiding spots, especially when you involve ladders in the search.   Setting up   The safety aspect starts when you hide the Easter eggs – it's not going to be much of a lesson if you end up in A&E before it even gets started!  Select the main ladder styles that your staff use regularly, plus a couple that might be used infrequently and therefore aren't as familiar.   An A-frame stepladder would be ideal, plus a freestanding step ladder (a combination ladder in this mode is ideal), perhaps to reach an..
06 Oct 0 523
We sell ladders of all styles and sizes, from hop ups to roof access ladders and everything in between.  While you'll always find the widest range of ladders online at the most competitive prices with us, we also sell the ladder in its most pure form – the single section leaning ladder. We have Lyte's single section ladders, as well as a range from Hymer.  The Hymer single ladders have square rungs, making them safe for vertical mounting as a staging or for vertical access across a gap.  These are perfect for DIYers, painters and decorators and plasterers who need a vertical ladder for certain jobs.  This is also a boon for the construction trades generally, as the versatility of a Hymer square rung single ladder means it is a great investment for many different jobs around a site. The Hym..
Rudd wendy 29 Sep 0 141
If we conjure up a mental image of a ladder, the chances are that we see ourselves standing at the bottom of the ladder ready to climb up, rather than at the top ready to descend.  It's true that the majority of the time we ascend before we descend a ladder but there are ladders which we always descend before ascending. Manhole and shaft access ladders are one such model, as they provide access down into the sewers and underground infrastructure that lies silently beneath our feet.  These ladders are fixed into place on the side of the shaft so that they can be accessed in emergencies – no-one has to remember to bring a ladder to enact an underground rescue (or in the case of Hollywood, an audacious escape). Ships ladders are usually descended before they are climbed up.  From the main emb..
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