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Ladder roof racks

Wendy Rudd February 09, 2018 0
A recent viral video showed two men in Florida transporting a ladder on their car.  Unremarkable, you may think, until you see the clip.  They don't have a roof rack, but instead both men are sitting on the same side of the car, one behind the driver.  They both have an arm out of the window, holding the ladder down on the roof.  It seems that they had a good grip because there are no reports of a ladder being found on the road; given the high number of such incidents, it is quite something that they did not accidentally let go and send the ladder flying in to traffic.A roof rack is essential for transporting a ladder.  Without one it is impossible to properly secure your ladder to the outside of the vehicle, which may get you in trouble with the police.  Simply tying a ladder to the frame...
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Ladders and storage – where the two meet

Wendy Rudd February 02, 2018 0
Library ladders are a perennial favourite of interior designers; stylish, classic and indicative of sophistication they are often made a feature of rooms but they have a practical use as well.  Although bookcases are designed for book storage many people use shelving as storage for other items such as: DVDs, clothing, entertainment systems and even towels and linen.  One house in Yokohama, Japan, has been designed with shelving at the forefront of the design, with a double height wall entirely lined with shelves across the entire width of the house.  Despite the fact that the shelves line an entire double height wall, the residents have no need of a library ladder.The innovative shelving design slopes backwards and indeed the outside of the house reflects the lean, providing some shelter f...
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Why you should pay close attention when using a chainsaw and a ladder

Wendy Rudd January 26, 2018 0
It should be obvious that the combination of ladders and chainsaws is a potentially dangerous one, and that extreme caution should be exercised when using the two, but there are still people out there who think they are above the laws of both physics, and health and safety.  A video emerged online of a man performing some amateur tree surgery using both the aforementioned pieces of equipment.  He was straddling the branch he was cutting off, and had at least ensured he was sitting on the part that was to be left attached to the tree, but had not thought about what would happen to the branch when it fell.  The large piece of wood swung back into his ladder, which had been left leaning against the tree, breaking it apart and sending it crashing to the floor.  He was then left stranded up the...
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Community Ladder sculpture project visits Kingsport

Wendy Rudd January 19, 2018 0
Our favourite artist Charlie Brouwer is at it again with his community ladder sculpture project, Rise Together.  It is a travelling installation project, which brings together members of each community it visits, relying on donations of ladders to create the unique sculptures, which remain in place for several weeks in each location.  This time he is in Kingsport, Tennessee, where businesses and individuals have all donated ladders to the project. At each location the installation looks different, as the construction depends on the types and colours of ladders that are donated to the project.  In Kingsport the Rise Together, artwork stands outside the Renaissance Centre, in the heart of the city, and has attracted around 250 donated ladders, which will either be returned to their owners on...
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New Year - New Ladder

Wendy Rudd January 12, 2018 0
If your trusty old step ladder was on its last legs over the festive period and you don't think it will make it to next year then now is a great time to replace it.  Sales promotions are always worth looking at to pick up a bargain and if you're lucky you can even snap yourself a brand-new ladder, for a bargain price in the New Year sales.It is tempting to just buy the same ladder or the equivalent, after all your old ladder worked perfectly well while it lasted, so why buy something different?  Before you go out and purchase, take a moment to reflect and remember any times when you needed to borrow a different ladder for a specific job, or when your last ladder didn't work quite as well as it could have for the task at hand.  It's all too easy to forget that changing the hall lightbulb wa...
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Who doesn't need ladders?

Wendy Rudd January 05, 2018 0
Some people don't need to use a ladder to reach a high shelf or barely used cupboard; Ekaterina Lisina, a Russian model and basketball player is one such person.  Standing at 6 feet 8.7 inches, she holds the world records for the tallest professional model and the woman with the longest legs.  Measuring 52 inches, her legs are the same length as the average 10-year-old is tall.  Lisina recently made an appearance on This Morning to talk about her world records and had to be interviewed with two step ladders, so that presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby could make conversation face to face.  The daytime TV pair both had to climb two rungs to match her height and make the interview work.The average woman in the UK is 5 feet 3 inches tall, nearly one foot and six inches shorter t...
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Christmas and ladders – how to be nice and not naughty

Wendy Rudd December 24, 2017 1
When you respect a ladder, and use it wisely it is nice to use, but take shortcuts and make assumptions and you could be on the wrong end of a naughty ladder accident.  There's never a good time to fall off a ladder but Christmas is definitely the worst; hospitals are stretched over this period and let's be honest, the thought of a hospital turkey dinner is less than appealing, so unless you want to spend Christmas in plaster, lying in a hospital bed and missing out on all the best festive TV, it is wise to take precautions when using your ladders for all manner of festive tasks.There are several different types of ladder that might be employed for a variety of tasks, the loft ladder being the primary one.  The loft is where most people keep their decorations and it may also be used to sto...
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The twelve days of ladders

Wendy Rudd December 24, 2017 0
Everyone loves a sing-along, especially at this time of year because let's face it, we all know the words to every festive song having heard them countless times over the years.  We've put our spin on the classic Twelve Days of Christmas so join in if you know the tune!On the first day of Christmas Midland Ladders gave to me... a ladder stand off for my safety.On the second day of Christmas Midland Ladders gave to me... two locking brackets and a ladder stand off for my safety.On the third day of Christmas Midland Ladders gave to me... a three tread step ladder, two locking brackets and a ladder stand off for my safety.On the fourth day of Christmas Midland Ladders gave to me... four ladders in one, a three tread step ladder, two locking brackets and a ladder stand off for my safety.On the...
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How a ladder helps you plan a deep clean even before the duster comes out

Wendy Rudd December 14, 2017 0
Whether you reserve time at the start of the year for a Spring clean, or simply carry out a deep clean of one or more rooms at intervals throughout the year, you will need a ladder for many of the tasks that come with a full on tidy up, not least because it is during this chore that painting and decorating tasks are often integrated.  Cleaning the top of cupboards and bookshelves, as well as behind tall furniture, are both common deep clean jobs and in fact many of these chores are high up jobs – hoovering and cleaning skirting boards is much easier, as it can be done without any additional equipment and therefore these jobs are done much more regularly throughout the year.  It is the things you can't see that get left for a yearly deep clean.This is where a ladder comes in handy.  You may...
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Podium ladders for safer working at height

Wendy Rudd November 30, 2017 0
Podium ladders are a type of step ladder – built in an A-frame construction, they look and operate in a similar fashion but instead of the restrictions on using the top steps you find with a step ladder, a podium ladder has a specially designed extra wide platform at the top allowing you to gain extra height and retain a secure footing.  Podium ladders also have a handrail that extends from the top, which also provides security and can be used with accessories to create a tool station.  Some larger models even have a full guardrail that surrounds the user for added safety. Working at height for a long time leads to fatigue and stress on the structure of the foot – having your feet balanced on a narrow rung can cause all sorts of foot and leg problems that, left untreated, can lead to back ...
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