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25 Jan What Keeps The HSE Awake At Night?
Rudd wendy 25 Jan 0 5
Health and Safety inspectors must have a hard time falling asleep some nights, given the things they see and the accidents they are tasked with investigating.  We expect that they are the sort of sights one might see in the Death Wish series, a collection of reader submissions of the worst offenders when it comes to shortcuts taken when working at height. The ladder resting on a vehicle for extra height is one of our favourites, simply because it should be so obvious that this isn't safe; it features regularly in any round up of “idiots on ladders” yet it is still incredibly prevalent.  There has been a recent spate of scissor lift stupidity, so we're bringing you some of the best of the worst. The first combines both themes: a scissor lift left on the back of a low-loading fl..
11 Jan New Evidence Of Early Ladder Construction
Rudd wendy 11 Jan 0 16
Cave paintings from eastern Spain have revealed that ancient ladder technology may have been more sophisticated than we first thought.  As no actual ladders from 7,500 years ago survive (being made from organic materials) it is only through painted records left by the people of the Levantine society themselves that we can gain any insight into their use of height access methods. Previously the evidence suggested that early ladders were hewn from tree trunks, with foot holds cut into either side of the trunk like a pole ladder.  These ladders certainly were in existence and there is evidence that this style was used to access cave dwellings high up in similar regions of southern Europe and North Africa.  Now, new paintings have come to light that show rope ladders; flexible ladders with a l..
28 Dec Did You Miss Out This Christmas?
Rudd wendy 28 Dec 0 11
When we think about Christmas and ladders the first thing that comes to mind is putting lights up on the exterior of the house, especially if we've recently watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but it's inside the house where corners are often cut with ladders, or the lack of them. Christmas is a time when we use kit we haven't needed all year, like the Big Pan for roasting the turkey that languishes on top of the kitchen cupboards for the remaining 364 days of the year, or the adhesive tape dispenser.  We might be fetching down presents stashed on top of a wardrobe or hanging decorations on the ceiling when we don't normally venture to those heights except when changing a light bulb. Stepladders and kitchen steps are the forgotten star of the festive season; all too often people..
14 Dec Baby It's High Up There
Rudd wendy 14 Dec 0 16
It's that time of year where we take a well known Christmas song and re-write it around the theme of ladders.  This year we've picked one where the lyrics have been viewed in a different light, through the modern lens and as it's ripe for a re-write we thought it was ideal.  So, here's our take on the oldie Baby It's Cold Outside... You can sing along with one or both parts, or even get a duet going for the office Christmas party!   I really can't say...Baby it's high up thereIt needs doing today...Baby it's high up thereThis project has been...Hoping that it'd get doneSo very long...You hold the ladder, keep it nice and strong I'm starting to fret and worry...I'm not doing this job in a hurryWhat if the ladder slips and you fall...Well that's why you're here, after allSo really, I should ..
30 Nov Ladders_Embody_Community_Spirit
Rudd wendy 30 Nov 0 20
The humble ladder stands for so much, if you'll excuse the pun.  Sure, ladders are practical objects but they have different meanings when used in different ways.  They're often used in art, music and poetry to symbolise a struggle or a journey, they are used in jewellery and clothing for their aesthetic appeal and this same appeal sees them used as decorative items in and around the home.  They're easily up-cycled and repurposed for a variety of uses, from games to garden storage and more.   Charlie Brouwer makes sculptures out of loaned ladders in his community installations, and we can't help thinking that the makers of an advert for Irish DIY chain Woodie's were similarly inspired by this connection with their latest advert. The piece, made by Droga5 Dublin, sees the residents of a str..
16 Nov What Is The Optimum Space Between Rungs
Rudd wendy 16 Nov 0 32
Have you ever wondered why ladder rung spacing is so consistent across all ladders, regardless of manufacturer?  Well, there are standards which apply to manufacturers depending on where they are based or where the ladders are sold. The EN 131 standards are for a gap of 225mm to 300mm, stating that there must be a difference of no more than 2mm in the distances between each rung on any given ladder.  The insistence on consistency is due to the way ladders are used.  Many studies have been done on the biomechanics of using ladders (which is how we know what the optimum spacing is) and in all cases, a discrepancy between the distances between rungs on the same ladder caused injury, or the potential for an accident.  This is because when someone climbs a ladder they have a preferred ga..
26 Oct Ladder Safety Hinges On This...
Rudd wendy 26 Oct 0 52
The Ladder Association continues its excellent work with Test & Research Centre, this time focusing on hinged or multi-purpose ladders.  This latest report follows two earlier pieces of work that looked at the safety of telescopic ladders being purchased by UK consumers, with damning results.  They have now turned their attention to another popular type of ladder that is being purchased online by UK consumers. Some of the issues these reports centre on are the channels by which unsafe ladders enter the UK and how misplaced consumer trust leads to the unwitting purchase of these dangerous pieces of equipment.  When surveyed recently by the Office for Product Safety and Standards (OPSS) consumers consistently believed that products for sale must be inherently safe; they believe that co..
12 Oct The Best Step Ladder For Retail
Rudd wendy 12 Oct 0 28
Picking the right step ladder for a retail environment involves looking at the skills and abilities of the workforce using it, the surfaces on which it will be use and the variety of environments where it might be needed.  For example, is the store carpeted or is there a hard floor throughout?  Is the store busy with customers all the time, or are there ample quiet moments for restocking?  Will employees work in teams or are there sole working shifts?  Are all employees capable of safely moving and climbing a ladder after they have had training?  What is the tallest height that needs to be reached regularly? Answering these questions tells you whether a step ladder is the way forward, or whether a kick-along step will be suitable for most employees and regular shop-floor use.  These handy ..
06 Oct Pure Ladder – The Simple Life
Rudd wendy 06 Oct 0 104
We sell ladders of all styles and sizes, from hop ups to roof access ladders and everything in between.  While you'll always find the widest range of ladders online at the most competitive prices with us, we also sell the ladder in its most pure form – the single section leaning ladder. We have Lyte's single section ladders, as well as a range from Hymer.  The Hymer single ladders have square rungs, making them safe for vertical mounting as a staging or for vertical access across a gap.  These are perfect for DIYers, painters and decorators and plasterers who need a vertical ladder for certain jobs.  This is also a boon for the construction trades generally, as the versatility of a Hymer square rung single ladder means it is a great investment for many different jobs around a site. The Hym..
29 Sep Ladders You Climb Down...
Rudd wendy 29 Sep 0 72
If we conjure up a mental image of a ladder, the chances are that we see ourselves standing at the bottom of the ladder ready to climb up, rather than at the top ready to descend.  It's true that the majority of the time we ascend before we descend a ladder but there are ladders which we always descend before ascending. Manhole and shaft access ladders are one such model, as they provide access down into the sewers and underground infrastructure that lies silently beneath our feet.  These ladders are fixed into place on the side of the shaft so that they can be accessed in emergencies – no-one has to remember to bring a ladder to enact an underground rescue (or in the case of Hollywood, an audacious escape). Ships ladders are usually descended before they are climbed up.  From the main emb..
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