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29 Sep Ladders You Climb Down...
Rudd wendy 29 Sep 0 16
If we conjure up a mental image of a ladder, the chances are that we see ourselves standing at the bottom of the ladder ready to climb up, rather than at the top ready to descend.  It's true that the majority of the time we ascend before we descend a ladder but there are ladders which we always descend before ascending. Manhole and shaft access ladders are one such model, as they provide access down into the sewers and underground infrastructure that lies silently beneath our feet.  These ladders are fixed into place on the side of the shaft so that they can be accessed in emergencies – no-one has to remember to bring a ladder to enact an underground rescue (or in the case of Hollywood, an audacious escape). Ships ladders are usually descended before they are climbed up.  From the main emb..
22 Sep Overcoming The Too-Short Ladder Issue
Rudd wendy 22 Sep 0 37
The internet never disappoints when it comes to amusing, and sometimes downright dangerous evidence of ladder use that didn't quite go to plan, but this image[1] of a conifer that didn't quite get the haircut it needed made us chuckle.  It had the same effect on many commenters, with a lot of people seeing a Spongebob Squarepants pineapple house, and a few comparisons to the well-loved Sesame Street character Ernie with the addition of some eyes and a nose. This half-job was the result of the ladder not being quite long enough for the job, and we're thankful that we got a laugh out of it and that the topiarist didn't put themselves in danger by over-reaching or climbing onto the very top rungs of the ladder they used.  Although we don't know whether they were using a special tripod garden ..
15 Sep The Only Mobile Assembly Platform You Need
Rudd wendy 15 Sep 0 40
Zarges are renowned for their vast range of height access solutions, making everything from telescopic ladders, to adjustable staircase ladders, electricians’ ladders and everything in between.  They excel in the mobile work platform market, with their range of single and double sided access platforms offering flexible height access equipment for many industries.  You will find Zarges products used for maintenance, assembly, food production and in other manufacturing plants where employees regularly need to access a range of heights for the production process. While these single and double ended access platforms are perfect for use in manufacturing contexts, whether as part of the process or for maintenance (or both), they don't fold down.  This means there must be adequate space for the p..
08 Sep The Biggest And Best Fibreglass Access Towers
Rudd wendy 08 Sep 0 93
Large scale projects in potentially hazardous environments need specialist access equipment – although fibreglass ladders are great for most tasks there are many situations in which a fibreglass access tower is the best piece of equipment for the job.  For any tasks at heights over around 3.5 metres, and where two people may be required for completion, a double width fibreglass access tower is the go-to option. The BoSS Zone 1 access towers come in both single and double width options, but it's the double width that allows the space for two people at the same time. The towers are suitable for a working load of 220kg (including equipment).  There is also the option of double length platforms, so if you need a big working space for any reason these towers can accommodate that.  If you're ins..
01 Sep China's Incredible Sky Ladder
Rudd wendy 01 Sep 0 102
We're always on the lookout for impressive ladder feats – while the humble ladder is most often used in a workplace or DIY setting it's great to see ladders being used for other things, and there are few more exciting than China's Sky Ladder, a purpose built parkour course in Hunan province that was created for an international competition. It may be called a Sky Ladder, but there are also several ladder style obstacles within the course, which includes over 100 different features for contestants to interact with in the way that they see fit.  The beauty of parkour is partly in the speed and agility, but also relies heavily on the individual style of the free runners who will all choose different ways of using each obstacle to progress. The Sky Ladder is almost 300 metres long with a verti..
25 Aug Risk Factors For Ladder Falls
Rudd wendy 25 Aug 0 93
Ladders are responsible for around 40% of all falls from height, with the remainder caused by falling from a roof, platform, vehicle or other structure. While the height from which a person falls makes a big difference to the severity of the injuries they sustain, and whether it is likely to be deadly or not, research has found that age is a significant contributing factor in the outcome of a fall from height. The reason height is a factor is due to the impact the body sustains (and partly the surface) when acceleration is abruptly stopped.  Since most falls in the construction industry, and in the domestic arena, are onto hard surfaces the risk of injury is great even from lesser heights (those under 6 feet).  There is also the risk of falling onto something sharp or solid that can cause ..
18 Aug Going Up In The World?
Rudd wendy 18 Aug 0 85
If you enjoy the beautiful summer weather but you want more space to relax and entertain in, a roof terrace could be the answer, especially if you are considering an extension to your home anyway.  A roof terrace built on top of a flat roof extension is a very efficient use of space, and of your budget since you can build two spaces for only a shade more than the price of one within the same footprint.  A roof terrace will also add to the value of your home – you can expect to add at least 10% to the asking price, rising to 25% in sought-after areas. An existing extension, or even an outbuilding or other flat roof structure on your property can be easily converted to add to a space for outdoor dining, socialising and relaxing.  You will need to check that the walls and structure below can ..
11 Aug Record Breaking Tripod Ladder Broken
Rudd wendy 11 Aug 0 51
Tripod ladders are the standard design for use in orchards; sometimes known as fruit picking or orchard ladders they use three legs for added stability on soft ground (it being easier to attain balance with three legs than four) and are tapered at the top to allow access into even the tightest crowns.  With a wide flared base these are incredibly stable ladders and have been used for decades in commercial and domestic orchards alike. The world's tallest tripod ladder, as certified by The Guinness Book of Records, stood in a cherry orchard in Summerland, California.  Commissioned by Dwayne Dickinson in 1997, it was measured in 2000 and stood over 30 feet high (9.19 metres).  This incredible ladder wasn't built to be used for real at the Dickinson family P.Y.O. fruit farm, but was inte..
04 Aug Be A Winner With Little Giant Stadium Steps
Rudd wendy 04 Aug 0 98
The Little Giant Ladder Company has a reputation for quality and innovation – their classic model is the leader in the multi-purpose ladder market, having 24 separate configurations possible from what looks like an unassuming step ladder.  Their new Stadium steps are just as impressive and demonstrate their commitment to worker safety in a quality product. The Stadium steps have sturdy sides made from fibreglass, making these ladders suitable for electrical work as well as any construction and maintenance jobs.  The bright green fibreglass also adds excellent visibility, vital for a busy site.  There's no need to worry about accidental knocks from the ground; if the bright colour wasn't enough to make people aware there's a ladder there, the stabilising bars at the rear widen the footprint..
28 Jul Take A Ladder To Get On The Property Ladder
Rudd wendy 28 Jul 0 75
People who are about to get onto the first rung of the property ladder, or who are about to take that next step up, should take a real ladder with them for viewings.  No, it's not some kind of metaphor or good luck charm – a ladder can help answer a lot of questions, and show up some very important things that could help you avoid putting your hard earned capital into a property that ends up eating your money. A ladder can reveal all sorts of hidden surprises that can sway you one way or the other.  In a home without a built in loft ladder you'll be hard pushed to check whether the loft is insulated properly and to what extent it is boarded out (if at all).  The seller won't want anyone using their ladders, so bringing your own means you can see into spaces that you can't from the fl..
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