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The Ladder of Inference

July 21, 2014 0
The Ladder of Inference is a model of organisational psychology developed by Chris Argyris. It was used in ‘The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of the Learning Organization’ by Peter Senge and is used to show how humans make decisions based on their own assumptions and experiences, often at the expense of the facts.There are seven rungs on the Ladder of Inference, and they are placed as below:ACTIONS BELIEFS CONCLUSIONS ASSUMPTIONS INTERPRETED REALITY SELECTED REALITY REALITY AND FACTSIn the process of going from an observation of the facts of a situation to our actions upon that situation, we go through these stages (climbing the Ladder of Inference from ‘Reality and Facts’ to ‘Actions’) in order to inform our decision on what action to take.The bottom rung of the ladde...
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Ladders and Ah Zig Ah Ziglar!

April 24, 2013 0
Ladders have always provided a metaphor for life and the word can be found in many, many quotes and sayings: Zig Ziglar, was an American motivational speaker and author who coined this famous ladder quote: "You cannot climb the ladder of success, dressed in the costume of failure." Ladders have been metaphors for high achievement in the Western world since biblical times: Jacob’s ladder to heaven is on of the very first examples, appearing in the book of Genesis and this theme of ladders making their way to heaven is used by many of the early Christian fathers.Ladders as Metaphors: The Self Help Industry Zig Ziglar became one of the major players in the self help industry, promoting motivational thinking and publishing over 30 books on how to reach the top and stay there. His message wa...
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Ladders and a Chinese Proverb

April 17, 2013 0
One famous Chinese proverb goes something like this: “The flatterer makes you climb up a tree then takes the ladder away”. There are many Chinese proverbs taken from literature, history and the words of famous speakers and philosophers. The Chinese have literally hundreds of proverbs addressing all aspects of life from education to work, from personal goals to relationships. A number of them include references to ladders, but this one is slightly more obscure.Taking Away The Ladder Much of Chinese tradition is rooted in a deep relationship with the natural world, a relationship which many rural provinces still hold close to their hearts today. This is reflected in the inclusion of a tree in this particular lesson, which was used to teach young children how not to be deceived by the fl...
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