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Why fibreglass ladders are essential for electrical and outdoor work

May 26, 2017 376
Fibreglass ladders are a must have for electrical work, as they do not conduct electricity. This means that any accidental contact of a live or charged wire with the ladder will not result in electrocution for the person using the ladder. Only the stiles are made from fibreglass, with the rungs being made from aluminium, but this construction means there is no circuit through the ladder that a charge can travel along. Fibreglass ladders are not usually available in domestic ratings, as they are intended for tradespeople and therefore, are more expensive than a lower-rated ladder of the same type.  Although unqualified people should never attempt to fix electrical problems there is a case for homeowners using a fibreglass ladder when working at height outdoors around electrical lines, as th...
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Fibreglass Vs Telescopic Ladders - Which Should You Choose?

May 09, 2016 1
Here at Midland Ladders we stock a huge range of both fibreglass and telescopic ladders. But, why do we choose to stock both? Fibreglass and telescopic ladders both have their own unique benefits that make them better suited to some people than others. So, in this post, we will take a look at the pros and cons of both ladders, so you can purchase a suitable and safe ladder for your needs. We will start with telescopic ladders. Telescopic ladders are an incredibly popular ladder choice for a number of reasons. Firstly they will not break the bank, secondly they are incredibly light and thirdly they are extremely durable, making them a tradespersons best friend. Most tradespeople do not work in the same location for too long, so the lightweight factor is great for when they need to move to a...
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Why Opt for Fibreglass Ladders Over Other Ladders?

October 13, 2015 0
When it comes to construction, ladders are one of the prime structures that are used. The purposes of different ladders are multiple and it’s important to get the right tool for the right job. Although both wooden and aluminium ladders have been very popular over the years, fibreglass ladders offer something a little extra over and above. For example, they are resistant to electricity and they can also take a lot of load. Although each type of ladders has its advantages, the fibreglass is one of the most versatile partly because it’s a manmade material which means that the quality of the material is more controllable than natural materials such as wood. It’s imperative that a ladder stays strong as any weakness such as a weak rung could cause a serious accident. Strength. Surprising...
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Especially for Electricians – Fibreglass Extension Ladders

August 05, 2014 0
We've taken an extensive look at aluminium extension ladders, but for those of you who work with electricity, a metal ladder is unsuitable: you need a ladder that does not conduct electrical current. Youngman make a range of fibreglass double section extension ladders perfect for any electrical job that involves working at tall heights. The selection criteria for any extension ladder for trade use (as we used to compare the aluminium models) is:Height when closed: where can I store this ladder? Will I be able to transport it?  Is this ladder long enough for the heights I work at? Weight: is it easy to carry? Load rating: is this it suitable and legally fit for the job at hand?Safety features: does this ladder have features I need?  Is this the best value for money for my needs?Fibreglass l...
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A Giant Among Ladders

April 11, 2014 0
In 1972 Harold 'Hal' Wing founded The Little Giant Ladder company in America.  During the 1970s the entrepreneur had been working in Germany for an insurance company where he met a painter and decorator who, fed up of needing several different ladders for each job, had designed the first multi-purpose ladder.  Walter Kummerlin built his prototype wooden ladder to work as an extension ladder, step ladder and stairway ladder so it would perform perfectly for any decorating job he had. Kummerlin had tried to market his ladder in the USA, but did not have any success.  Wing, a keen salesman, knew how to break into the elusive American market and began importing and selling the ladders from his garage in 1972. Trade fairs were the place that Wing grew his customer base.  He understood that the ...
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When Fibreglass Ladders are Good for Your Health!

July 12, 2013 0
Fibreglass ladders are more expensive than their aluminium counterparts, a 3.1 metre aluminium extension ladder that costs £99 can cost around £150 in fibreglass. They are associated with electricians and anyone working in a spark risk environment, but in fact anyone working near overhead power lines should make use of fibreglass ladders, as two tree surgeons in Kenner, Louisiana, USA found out recently. The two men were working in a friend's garden removing some trees when the aluminium ladder they were using made contact with overhead lines, which were running with approximately 13,000 volts at the time. When the police arrived they found the men with severe burns and other injuries. They were taken to hospital in a critical condition. In this case, had the men been using a fibreglass la...
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