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21 Jul The Longest Standing Ladder In The World?
Rudd wendy 21 Jul 0 5
Using a ladder for a job means you're planning on moving it frequently, otherwise a temporary scaffold tower would be a sturdier and safer option.  The portability of ladders is one of the factors that make them ideal for many tasks.  This got us thinking about the longest amount of time any ladder has been left in the same position.  You might think that a year or two, up a scaffold on a temporarily paused building project would be about right, but in fact the answer is nearly 300 years.   The ladder in question is at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, which is shared by six different Christian denominations.  The church is said to be on the spot where Jesus was crucified, so it holds a lot of meaning for people of the Christian faith and as such, no denomination wants to give..
14 Jul Scaffold Tower Safety Changes – What You Need To Know
Rudd wendy 14 Jul 0 3
Last year the safety standards for mobile scaffold towers changed, from the old EN 1004:2004 standards to EN 1004:2020.  The 2020 date refers to the year the new standards were introduced, but a transition period meant that until November 2021 towers with the older standards could still be sold and used.  Now, almost a year on, it's time to ensure that any new equipment you buy conforms to these standards, and to see whether your existing equipment is compliant for peace of mind.  You can still use equipment that conforms to the older standard as long as it is in good working order, but if there are ways you can stick to the new standards by the way you use your older equipment which will help keep you and your workforce safe. One major change is that the standards now cover mobile scaffol..
07 Jul Trading Standards Take Telescopic Ladders To Task
Rudd wendy 07 Jul 0 21
We recently reported on a seizure of counterfeit ladders conducted by Trading Standards officers at the Port of Felixstowe; 2,000 telescopic ladders were considered suspicious as they had a CE mark, which is not an approved standard for ladders.  The Test and Research Centre conducted tests on the ladders to assess their dimensions, build quality and load bearing ability and found that shockingly, the ladders weren't able to even complete the tests, as they were so badly made. This led to another joint project to test telescopic ladders being imported at ports, as well as those being sold in online marketplaces (often at a price too good to be true).  The venture was commissioned by Suffolk County Council, the Ladder Association and the East of England Trading Standards Association (EETSA)..
30 Jun Ladder Safety On The Ground
Rudd wendy 30 Jun 0 28
In late May this year, a man in his 60s was badly injured after falling from a ladder at his home in Leicester.  The police believe the ladder was deliberately pulled out from underneath him and are conducting inquiries to find out what happened and who was responsible.  In all our years in the ladder world we have seldom heard about a ladder fall caused deliberately, but it can happen from time to time.  While we don't want to speculate, it could be the case that someone wishing the ladder user harm took the opportunity to injure him when it was presented – it's highly unlikely to be a prank committed by a complete stranger. Most of us don't have the sort of enemies who would wish us serious physical harm, although if you do it's wise not to put yourself in the vulnerable position o..
23 Jun Wacky World Ladder News Round Up
Rudd wendy 23 Jun 0 56
We collect the weirdest, cutest and funniest ladder related stories for you to enjoy in your coffee break, and this time we kick off with what might have been the event of the year.  The Queen's Platinum Jubilee may have been the big event of 2022, but the inaugural Edinburgh LadderFest was the undoubted underground hit.  Organised by student Daniel Lawrence the event, held on Saturday 7th May at The Meadows, originated on Facebook and attracted the attention of online commenters as well as 25 people who turned up with their ladders at the venue.  Lawrence was inspired to create the event due to the number of flats in the city's Marchmont area which have ladders – mainly to reach cabin beds and mezzanine levels. Pleasantly surprised by the turnout, Lawrence is planning to organise more lad..
16 Jun Our Sky-scraping Ladders
Rudd wendy 16 Jun 0 51
We stock hundreds of different ladders and height access solutions, from single steps and hop-ups all the way to specialist ladders for accessing tanker roofs and grain silos.  Whether you're after a step ladder to use around the house, or a super tall extension ladder for DIY and professional trade use we have got you covered, so here's a look at the longest ladders we carry from the main manufacturers. Werner is a big name in the ladder industry and they're a brand you can trust.  They take testing very seriously and offer a ten year warranty on their products because they're built to such a high standard.  Werner load test with 265kg of weight, which is over 100kg more than the required load rating of 150kg.  Their sturdy box section stiles and D shaped rungs are guaranteed not to twist..
09 Jun Ladders Made Of Sand
Rudd wendy 09 Jun 0 60
When we overheard some off-roaders talking about sand ladders we were intrigued.  Was this some kind of beach equipment?  Perhaps something they'd seen in a sand sculpture competition?  Out came Google and we got the answer – sand ladders are for off road vehicles travelling in dry, dusty or sandy terrains like a desert or, closer to home, the Ashdown Forest or sandy beaches where heathland and dunes can pose a problem for vehicles. A sand ladder is what you use to provide traction when the wheels of a vehicle have sunk into dry, loose ground (just like dry, dusty terrains and sand dunes) and the surface can't provide any grip.  The more a driver tries to get out of the situation, the further the wheels sink until they need to be dug out of the material before a sand ladder can even be use..
02 Jun Telescopic Work Platforms For The Ultimate Height Control
Rudd wendy 02 Jun 0 157
Telescopic work platforms bridge the gap between mobile scaffolding and platform step ladders, offering a safe and secure method for working at height in a variety of situations.  Taking up far less space when packed away than a mobile scaffold tower, and with a fully guard-railed platform the Zarges ZAP telescopic work platforms offer the ultimate in versatility, speed for solo working, and safety. We offer these platforms in 3 height ranges, 4 to 7 tread, 5 to 9 tread, and 7 to 12 tread.  The smallest model provides platform heights between 1 and 1.8 metres, while the tallest model takes you from 1.8 metres to 3.15, which is a whopping working height of 5.15 metres.  The platforms are all 665 x 440 mm and have a guard rail all the way around (one side is a rope clipped on once you're on ..
26 May Ladder Theft Prevention
Rudd wendy 26 May 0 105
A brazen ladder thief was caught on CCTV stealing four ladders from outside a DIY shop in Grimsby in early April.  Crown Paints posted a still from their CCTV on social media asking for help in catching “hi-vis man”, as he has been dubbed.  Hi-vis man was wearing all black, including a face mask, plus an eye catching bright orange vest when he carried out the theft on an otherwise uneventful Sunday.  The store wants to get their ladders back safely and it is likely that the culprit will face prosecution given the strength of the evidence they have. Unfortunately, the cost of living crisis is likely to send rates of shoplifting, burglary and in-person robberies upwards as people turn to illegal means to get by.  Ladders are a pretty easy steal as evidenced by the fact that hi-vis man stole ..
19 May Balance Exercises For Safer Ladder Use
Rudd wendy 19 May 0 114
Whether you're a regular or infrequent ladder user you'll know that one of the most important skills involved in staying safe on a ladder is balance.  It’s one thing to get the ladder set up and balanced properly, but our own personal sense of balance is what keeps us safe while we work at height.  There are several medical reasons as to why a person's sense of balance may be impaired, including ear infections and low blood sugar, but poor posture and weak muscles can also contribute to a lack of balance.  That's something we can address ourselves. Ideally when we need to work up a ladder for long periods of time we'll be able to use a platform ladder with a wider surface on which to stand, or avail ourselves of an accessory like a universal ladder platform to make any leaning ladder..
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