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22 Jan Ladder experience counts for a lot
Rudd wendy 22 Jan 0 510
While the average person uses a ladder a handful of times each year, there are many people for whom ladders are a daily part of their lives and work; firefighters are highly trained in ladder deployment and climbing skills and even have the ability to carry people up and down in very challenging conditions. One fire department in Boston, Massachusetts, tested all their skills recently when their aerial ladder collapsed during a call out.  The top section of the ladder gave way, leading to buckling further down the ladder.  Luckily, there was only one firefighter on the ladder at the time and he was in the bucket, which was positioned over the top of the roof at the time.  He was able to climb out and on to the roof of the burning building, where he could be rescued with another ladder...
12 May Ladder of opportunity for apprentices
12 May 0 1940
National Apprenticeships Week took place in March, and the theme this year was “Ladder of Opportunity”.  The ladder metaphor is used very often to describe progression – housing ladder, career ladder, league ladder for team sports – all these are paths to the top in different areas.  Using this metaphor for the progression opportunities afforded by apprenticeships is no surprise, as it evokes a feeling of there being a clear career path ahead when someone starts an apprenticeship.  For some potential apprentices though, there is more than a metaphor at work in the decision to learn a trade or a skill.Trade apprenticeships typically involve training in the use of ladders in the workplace.  Builders, roofers, decorators, electricians, plasterers and other construction and inf..
21 Aug Ladder News Round Up
21 Aug 0 2149
It is that time of the month again, the time where we round up some of the weird and most wonderful ladder news stories we have come across from across the globe. In this first news article we head to the south west of England and visit the little town of Burnham on Sea. The title grabbed us straight away “Fire brigade rescue man trapped between rungs of a ladder”. We are not sure how this is even possible but not a position we would want to ever be in, we are sure you would agree. Clearly the person trapped has not come across our blogs and has missed out on some key ladder health and safety. In fact, stories like this one are exactly the reason we write our blog posts. We want to stop accidents like this from ever happening. So what exactly happened? Whilst working at a height on hi..
05 Feb Solo Ladder Climb Breaks World Record
05 Feb 0 1846
A while ago we reported on the achievements of the Kent Fire and Rescue Department after they reclaimed the world record for the longest distance climbed on a ladder.  They took just eight hours to climb nearly 43,000 metres between six people and raised money for the fire fighters’ charity as a result.  In Warminster, one man hoped to break the world record for the longest distance climbed on a ladder as a solo attempt: a record that stood at 13,120 metres climbed in 24 hours.46-year-old roofer, Keith Saunders, wanted to raise money for Raleigh International, a charity that helps people living in the third world, so decided to undertake the ladder climbing challenge.  Being a roofer, he is used to working with ladders as well as working at height, so he should be reasonably comfo..
31 Dec Ladder News Round Up - Part 3
31 Dec 0 1772
In the last part of our regular ladder news update we looked at reports of fatalities following accidents on ladders, as well as ladder related crimes and thefts. Next up we look at how the fire service have been using ladders recently.Ladders for Charity Firefighters often use their ladder skills to raise money for charity: we're always seeing stories about them climbing ladders for long distances and time periods, or sitting at the top of them in an endurance challenge. At the end of August in Manchester, UK, two firefighters climbed the height of Everest on a ladder. Kevan Downey and David Cracknell are no strangers to fund raising for charity, having cycled from Land's End to John O'Groats, rowed in the Salford Dragon Boat Race and run a 50k race in a caterpillar costume. This tim..
17 Dec Ladder Action Round Up - Part 1
17 Dec 0 1691
It’s time to see what’s been happening in the world of ladders around the globe.  We start this month’s review with a focus on ladder thefts and other crimes.  Now that the days are shorter the theft of ladders and incidences of burglaries will start to fall, as there are fewer open windows and less DIY equipment is left outside.  In Blackbird Leys, Oxfordshire, thieves used oil to help them steal a set of ladders from the roof of a van during the night.  Even though the ladders were clamped and locked, thieves managed to make off with the ladders by greasing the equipment and silently stealing them without alerting the sleeping residents nearby. Ladders and Crime In Cinnaminson, New Jersey, 21-year-old Andrew Sailor was arrested in connection with the theft of more than 20 lad..
30 Nov Autumn Ladder News Round Up - Part 2
30 Nov 0 1626
In the first part of this new round-up we looked at injuries; some common and some less so, that have arisen from the use of ladders. In this part we look at the stories of those who have been less fortunate in their interactions with ladders.In Zanesville, Ohio, popular handyman and maintenance supervisor Tom Miller died after falling from an extension ladder. Although nobody was around to witness the incident, investigators found a can of bee spray and equipment that indicated Miller was trying to remove a bee's nest at the time, and this could have played a part in the accident. Tom Miller had started his own handyman company and due to his good nature and reputation for hard work and a job well done he had found himself very busy. Despite having retired already, Miller still worked p..
12 Nov Autumn Ladder News Round Up Part 1
12 Nov 0 1649
Well, it didn't feel much like Autumn until recently, but with a few dark, cold mornings and the light fading around 5pm it's feeling more and more like the closing months of the year. The good news is that ladder related crime and thefts are starting to fall, but given the unseasonably good weather we have had up until now, there are still a few thefts and injuries to report.Falls from LaddersWe start with the ladder related injuries, this time in Australia. Father of two Adam Clarke was working on his home, renovating the garage area, when he fell from the top few rungs of the ladder he was using.  Mr Clarke, from Victoria, suffered a broken wrist and lacerated ear, as well as serious breathing difficulties from breaking eight ribs. Two weeks after the accident Mr Clarke is still str..
24 May Metal Ladders Starts Fire
24 May 0 1586
Firefighters in Columbia, Missouri, needed the assistance of their fellow departments recently after one of their fire engines caught alight.  The crew members were doing routine maintenance checks on the engine on the forecourt of the station when the aerial ladder touched an overhead power cable, sparking a fire.  The crew member who was on the truck at the time jumped off quickly and escaped injury, but the vehicle itself was badly damaged.Additional fire crews from the area attended the scene and helped extinguish the flames, but they had to wait 45 minutes for the electricity line to be turned off before they could put out the fire.  The effect of the overhead line being shut down meant that up to 1,000 people were left without power while the incident was shut down.  It took ..
01 Apr Ladders to the Rescue
01 Apr 0 1788
Last month a woman in her 70s was walking on Dartmoor when she got stuck in mud.  The woman, an experienced walker, had been crossing a small stream and became swamped in the muddy banks.  She called the police, but poor mobile phone reception meant that it took a long time to ascertain the nature of the problem and where she was.  Police obtained mobile phone data showing roughly where the woman was and a helicopter was deployed to locate her. She was found about an hour after the first call, stuck up to her waist in mud. In order to rescue her, police used a ladder, an old door (used to provide a platform) and something to grab on to.  Nearby farmers also helped out, letting the woman shower and change at their home.20 Saved By LaddersIn China, 16 people lost their lives, but 20 ..
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