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Spacesaver and Spiral Staircases: Make the Most of What You Have

August 19, 2014 0
If you’re stuck for space in an existing home, maybe trying to plan a small space renovation or new build, then a spiral staircase could be the answer. Spiral staircases and space saver stairs have a far smaller footprint that conventional stairs, so take up less floorspace at the top and the bottom. They also take up less of the vertical space in the house, so can be squeezed in almost anywhere to provide access between floors.Especially well suited to mezzanine levels, spiral staircases allow a lot of light through the structure, so in spaces with low lighting they will not throw extra shadows. As a spiral staircase is supported by the central column, they do not need to be installed next to a wall and therefore can become focal points in the rooms in which they stand. They are also id...
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Scariest Stairs to Climb Ever!

July 17, 2014 0
We've looked at some perilous mountain trails and hiking routes, as well as the possibility of ladders on Mount Everest, but this access route in China, to the peak of Mount Hua Shan has got to be the most terrifying. The trail starts as a set of stone stairs carved into the mountainside and these go up and up the side so far that you can't see the end when you're standing at the base. They go on for so long that they are known as the Heavenly Stairs. As you climb up the stairs, houses and small villages sit on either side of the stairs, as people have settled here for the isolation or the breathtaking scenery. Once you are at the top of the stairs, a cable car carries you across to the southern peak of Mount Hua Shan, for the final leg of the journey. If the long slog up the stone steps a...
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Improve the Value of Your Home with a Loft Ladder

January 31, 2014 4
If you’re thinking of selling up and moving on in 2014 then the early part of the year is the best time to do so. There are more buyers than sellers in the period just after Christmas, so sellers are more likely to achieve their asking prices due to increased buyer competition. Simple ways to improve the value of your home without involving a lot of work can vastly improve the sales potential of your home as well as the money you can ask for it.Most people who move house are after more space, whether for storage or living and the attic space is the easiest area to utilise, especially when compared to building an extension. If the loft is not boarded out, well lit and easily accessed by a loft ladder then you may find prospective buyers cross your home off their list. Creating an insulate...
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