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Ladders and Nature - Inspiration?

May 10, 2013 0
The premise of a ladder has been with humans for many thousands of years, but where did we get the idea from? To climb into the heavens is not a natural feat for a human being; we bipeds lack the strength and agility of our primate cousins and generally prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground anyway. But, like our closest animal relatives, we still relied heavily on the fruits and flowers high above us in the canopy. And quite frankly, we needed to develop a way of getting at them.No Ladders? Make Like a Frog! Tree trunks have been nature’s ladders for millions of years. Insects, lizards, mammals, pretty much anything with a head for heights and a sense of balance will climb a tree trunk to get to the prize above. We humans have had to develop special techniques to be able to join ...
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