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30 Jun Ladder Safety On The Ground
Rudd wendy 30 Jun 0 28
In late May this year, a man in his 60s was badly injured after falling from a ladder at his home in Leicester.  The police believe the ladder was deliberately pulled out from underneath him and are conducting inquiries to find out what happened and who was responsible.  In all our years in the ladder world we have seldom heard about a ladder fall caused deliberately, but it can happen from time to time.  While we don't want to speculate, it could be the case that someone wishing the ladder user harm took the opportunity to injure him when it was presented – it's highly unlikely to be a prank committed by a complete stranger. Most of us don't have the sort of enemies who would wish us serious physical harm, although if you do it's wise not to put yourself in the vulnerable position o..
19 May Balance Exercises For Safer Ladder Use
Rudd wendy 19 May 0 114
Whether you're a regular or infrequent ladder user you'll know that one of the most important skills involved in staying safe on a ladder is balance.  It’s one thing to get the ladder set up and balanced properly, but our own personal sense of balance is what keeps us safe while we work at height.  There are several medical reasons as to why a person's sense of balance may be impaired, including ear infections and low blood sugar, but poor posture and weak muscles can also contribute to a lack of balance.  That's something we can address ourselves. Ideally when we need to work up a ladder for long periods of time we'll be able to use a platform ladder with a wider surface on which to stand, or avail ourselves of an accessory like a universal ladder platform to make any leaning ladder..
23 Dec Use A Ladder To Set Goals
Rudd wendy 23 Dec 0 261
As we embark on a new year we're all keeping our fingers crossed for an improvement on the last 12 months, and looking forward to a better future.  With big plans afoot from the COP26 summit, we’re now looking at our personal goals for 2022 and how we can stay on track with our New Year's resolutions.  This got us thinking about innovative ways we can organise and track our progress, so naturally we've devised a way we can use a ladder to log our achievements and keep us motivated. This system can be adapted for your household, so whether you live alone or with a multi-generational family the ladder resolution system will work for you.  You can use an old extension ladder or create one on a wall with masking tape.  If you're short on wall space you could create a digital document inste..
16 Dec Christmas Ladders
Rudd wendy 16 Dec 0 227
Whether you're getting the ladders out to hang lights outside, using your loft ladder to get the decorations down or relying on a stepladder to string cards up around the room, we urge all our customers to stay safe on ladders this festive season.  At a time of year when the health services are always under pressure we all want to stay as far from A&E as possible, and being safe on ladders is an excellent way to keep your distance from hospital.  Whatever you're doing to celebrate, having some Christmas music playing to get into the spirit is a must, so we've adapted the underrated Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses along the theme of ladders so you can have a sing along. Bah Humbug is that too strong?It's my least favourite holidayUp ladders all day and when I'm homeI'm back u..
26 Sep Why You Can Buy With Confidence from Midland Ladders
26 Sep 1 1581
The Midland Ladder Company is a family business established in 1965 and for nearly fifty years we have built a reputation for great service and products.  When we started out all those years ago we primarily served Birmingham and the Midlands, but as our reputation grew, so did the business and we expanded to cover the whole country, based from our warehouse conveniently located minutes from the M5, M4, M40 and M42.Although we offer free next day delivery in the UK mainland, you can still collect your order from us if you prefer and we are on hand on the phone if you need to speak to one of our experts.  All the products we stock are kite marked and certified for domestic, trade or industrial use and everything comes with a minimum 1-year warranty.Here’s what some of our custom..
21 Feb Floods, Storms and Ladders
21 Feb 3 1737
The unprecedented weather conditions throughout the UK have caused misery and hardship.We have seen communities pulling together trying to battle through unimaginable discomfort. Every time there are severe gales and torrential rain, ladder sales and more specifically roof ladders sales literally go through the roof! ( excuse the pun.)All UK ladder manufacturers are at full stretch at the moment and whilst we stock the majority of ladders in our Droitwich warehouse, we have sold out in record time this year and we are currently awaiting many replacements, some having been on order since January 1st. But the fault doesn't lie with the manufacturers, whilst some aluminium is made in the UK, the vast majority is sourced from abroad and cannot simply be ordered on spec because it all has to ..
18 Feb Midland Ladders: Cultural Attaché
18 Feb 0 1559
Four years ago we were asked by one of our overseas suppliers if we would be prepared to take a university student for a month as part of her 'sandwich' course.  She was doing a business studies degree in France.  When my three daughters were at school we have had various exchange students. The best being 2 German girls during the D day celebrations! (But thats another story)  So we felt that we should be able to cope. We live and work in a tiny village so not only would she be working with us everyday she would also have to live with us.We were told that she lived in Paris with her Algerian/French family and she was a Muslim. Any pre-conceived  notions or worries that we had disappeared when we met her at the airport, she was absolutely delightful. She had a wonderful sense of h..
06 Jan Happy New Year - and a story about trestle tables!
06 Jan 0 1665
Once upon a time, we supplied trestle tables to a well known clothing chain. (This was in the days of yore when the staff had to unpack daily deliveries). The trestle tables were well constructed with metal legs and melamine topped with a wooden surround. However 3 of the tables arrived damaged and were returned to us. One had the legs so badly buckled you couldn't open them and the two others had been dropped on the ends, so the wooden surrounds were smashed. Our production manager in a quieter moment managed to repair all three. For nearly twenty years two of them were used as desks, then our commander in chief decided that we should all have proper desks i.e ones with drawers. So the trestle tables were put into the warehouse. Since then these 3 trestle tables have been to more parties ..
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