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More animals on ladders

May 01, 2017 0
Regular blog readers will know that we love the occasional tale of an animal climbing a ladder. This fascination comes from the astounding sight of a quadruped performing an act that is normally reserved for those on two legs like us.  Our first story is not just fascinating, but very cute as well.  Jack the wombat lives at ACT Wildlife in Australia, but at 10 kilos he is quite a weight to pick up when he wants a cuddle, or when he needs handling for feeding and medical checks.  To reduce the strain on the keepers' backs they gave Jack a little step ladder, which he climbs up when he needs, or wants, to be handled.  Climbing the two-step ladder has helped with his social life as well, as he is now easier to show to visitors and he is loving the more frequent cuddles. Urban otters in Singap...
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Fish ladders in action

December 23, 2016 0
Over in America the fish spawning season is underway, which means that the numerous fish ladders that sit along many of the great American waterways are seeing lots of action.  The Nimbus fish ladder, on the American River in California is especially busy at this time of year, as Chinook salmon return to their spawning grounds.  There are eight hatcheries in the area, all of which make use of the fish ladder to catch salmon and harvest eggs; approximately 24 million of them over the season, to breed young salmon for release in the spring of 2017.  It is open to the public and has plenty of educational resources, so everyone can enjoy the spectacle of the returning fish jumping upstream through the ladder and learn about the conservation efforts of the hatcheries.  Viewing windows allow...
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Ladders for Dogs

October 26, 2016 0
Ladders are an incredibly useful tool for humans, and they serve a wide range of purposes in our daily lives. However, it is not just humans that are able to get a great deal of use out of them, our dogs can too. There are a range of situations in which dogs can make excellent use of a ladder in their lives, especially if they like to company you on boating or fishing trips. So if you are looking for something that can give your furry friend a hand, or are just interested in the use dogs can have for ladders, you are sure to find a range of options right here.Dog Ladders for Boats There are several types of ladder that you can purchase for your dogs for use with your boat, with each working specifically with a particular type. They are perfect for helping your pet on board after a swim or...
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Fish Ladder Round Up!

February 23, 2015 0
The Nequasset dam in Woolwich, Maine, is the location of a very important fish ladder project which aims to protect the future of alewives, and has been doing so for 300 years.  The town of Woolwich has stipulated for centuries that any dam built there must also provide a means for returning fish to get to the spawning ground upstream.  The dam was rebuilt in the 1950s and the fish ladder that formed part of it was badly in need of repair.  Bath Water District, who own the land and dam, worked with the local Fish Commission, as well as local and national authorities and fish harvesters on the restoration project.  The fish harvesters rely on the ladder for the fish to return to the lake, where they are harvested and reared for lobster bait, which is a good commodity in a state renowned for...
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Fish Ladder Inspires Game of Pooh-Sticks

February 20, 2015 0
At Damariscotta Mills in Maine, USA, residents are celebrating the nearly completed restoration of the fish ladder built to help alewives return to their spawning grounds.  It is Maine's oldest fish ladder, having been originally constructed in 1807 and it functioned for two centuries before the project to restore it began in 2007. This year, over 1 million alewives were counted entering Damariscotta Lake and this achievement is the focus of the Fish Ladder Restoration Celebration.  There are still a few tasks to finish, which include pouring concrete to support some of the sections, finishing the concrete with a stone veneer and modifying the lowest section of the weir to still function properly at low tides. The event includes the Running of the Alewives, where visitors buy a wooden fis...
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Ladders for Herrings

February 17, 2015 0
Herrings have been the subject of many fish ladder and waterway improvements: recently we looked at the replacement of the fish ladder at the Nequasset Dam in Maine and the proposed improvements to the waterways around Rochester, Massachusetts in our last tour of the fish ladder world. The town of Scituate, also in Massachusetts, is to see an improvement in the local herring population shortly, as the renovation of the fish ladder and raising of the water level in the reservoir above has been approved by the Federal Government as part of an environmental bill. The good news for the residents of Scituate and the surrounding areas is that because the work is government mandated, they may qualify for a grant to cover all, or part of the cost of the project, so it will not impact too much on t...
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Fish Ladders News Roundup!

February 11, 2015 0
There has been a lot going on in the world of fish ladders lately and it's all good news for herrings (and people who like to eat them!).  The alewife species of herring is native to North America, but as with all types of fish, man-made obstacles in the rivers have seen the population decline in the last fifty or so years. Even when there are fish ladders in place there can still be a decline in population, as the fish ladders can fall into disrepair and older types are not as efficient as newer designs. At the Nequasset Dam in Maine the fish ladder had been in place for nearly sixty years.  Built in 1955, the concrete structure was in need of repair after years of exposure to cold water and freezing conditions so Bath Water District, which owns the dam and fish ladder has teamed up with ...
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How Can You Get Stuck up a Ladder in a Canoe?!

January 24, 2015 0
Canoes and ladders are not often thought of together: canoes are for traversing bodies of water and ladders are for covering heights on dry land.  For one unlucky kayaker in Michigan, however, getting stuck up a ladder in a canoe became a reality. You may have guessed by now that we're not talking about any ordinary ladder, but a fish ladder.  Fish ladders are installed within man-made river barriers to provide a route for migratory fish back to their spawning grounds and can take several forms.  The most common type, and the one in question in this case, is the pool and weir type. A series of small dams and pools creates a shallow incline with the correct speed of water flow for the species of fish that are meant to be using the ladder. The fish can jump over the low dams and rest in the ...
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Dogs and Ladders

December 05, 2014 0
This Maltese mongrel certainly earned his name, Spexjal with his unique talent for climbing up ladders.  The name is a different spelling of the Maltese word for special, but the two sound very similar, and there's no doubting that this dog is quite special indeed. Pawlu Vella, a builder from Rabat, Malta, rescued Spexjal as a puppy. He already had four other dogs but took in the stray, fed and homed him and established a deep bond.  When he came to work with Vella for the first time, he whined when his master went up the ladder.  Vella said he was worried because he could not be next to me, so I called out to him and told him to climb the ladder.  Amazingly, Spexjal did just that!  He climbed the ladder like a natural and now follows him up wherever he goes.  He puts his front paws on the...
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A Very Big Cat Ladder

November 14, 2014 0
We've seen a lot of cat ladders in our time: constructed to allow domestic pets access to the outdoors from apartments and other dwellings not at ground level. They're sturdy enough to take the weight of a cat, but not any potential burglars, and let pets come and go as they please.  Then a couple of weeks ago we found out about a much bigger cat using a ladder. Marne village, near Udupi in India, was the scene of the big cat ladder incident, which saw a two-year-old leopard helped out of a well with a long wooden ladder. The big cat had fallen into the well and was sitting on a stone platform in the well, unable to get out.  Jayanti Nayak heard a sound coming from the well at around 3.30pm and looked inside to see the leopard looking back at her.  In a state of shock, she called her son, ...
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