Telescopic ladders are the handyman's best friend. A big problem for those who wish to simply do a little DIY or the odd maintenance job with a friend is that to purchase and store a solid, upright aluminium ladder can be a bit of a financial drain as well as a drain on precious storage space. Telescopic ladders help to solve these problems. Also known as extendible, collapsible or telescoping ladders, they are designed to collapse to around a mere 3ft in length, making them easy to store and easy to move around. Their portability makes them a great option for professionals as well and we see telescopic ladders used in all sorts of industries particularly where a ladder is required every day at a number of different locations. This makes them particularly popular amongst decorators and surveyors.

Telescopic Ladder Design

As previously mentioned, the design of these ladders is focused around creating a ladder that is safe and secure, but easy to manoeuvre and transport in a small space. The feature that allows it to collapse to a manageable size are the nifty strong yet hollow stiles present on each section or rung of the ladder. These tuck into each other via a locking mechanism, which allows the ladder to effectively shrink to around half of its original length. The handy carry bag that comes with most models is a very useful added extra, keeping the ladder protected when not in use and allowing for easy transport. It is highly recommended that you purchase a carry case should your chosen ladder not come with one. Pick a case made from heavy duty, durable material that can stand up to the task ofcarrying metal. One with a thick shoulder strap  also makes transporting the ladder much easier. Most telescopic ladders are made from lightweight and durable aluminium and many models feature safety measures such as an extra wide stabiliser bar and/or rubber feet for improved stability. The height of the ladder is fully customisable due to its unique collapsible design, so it is easy to match the height of your ladder to the work that is being done. This is important as being able to work at the right height greatly reduces the chance of you having an accident whilst working on your ladder. The one slight disadvantage is that there is not always the option to adjust the ladder for uneven ground and so it may be necessary to purchase a mat leveller or other accessory that provides the necessary adjustment for working safely on an uneven or slippery surface.

Safety and Telescoping Ladders

Midland Ladders provide a wide range of telescopic ladders from top manufacturers such as Titan Ladders and Xtend and Climb. All Midland ladders comply with EN131 European Trade and Industrial standards and the telescopic ladders are no exception. The Titan 3.8m telescopic ladder is an excellent introductory model for professionals and home users alike. This model folds down to a mere 90cm and so is excellent for small houses, caravans, camper vans and tradesmen who don't want the bother of using a big industrial vehicle but prefer to simply have their tools in the boot of their car. In just 11 clicks, the ladder reaches its full height of 3.8m and of course, you have access to every height in between to adapt to the job in hand. The sliding thumb-catches on each rung are an excellent safety feature, as you have visual evidence that the rung is locked into position. In combination with flat comfortable rungs with deep serration for extra grip for your foot wear, it is clear that safety is a top priority with this ladder, as you would expect from a model made from one of the most respected ladder manufacturers in the UK. Check out our website for other telescopic models, to find the one that best suits you. And please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.