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Tripod Ladders

Our range of Tripod ladders is second to none. Budget fruit pickers in 6 sizes. standard fruit pickers in four popular sizes with an interchangeable rear foot / spike to accommodate different ground conditions, and wide, comfortable treads... while our range of aluminium professional tripod ladders are robust but amazingly lightweight ladders... Standard fixed leg or fully adjustable models are represented. The rear leg of all models is adjustable in 150mm stages with a spring-loaded locking pin, while the fully adjustable model also has two telescopic front legs which can be independently adjusted in 50mm steps. This allows the ladder to be used on steps, stairs and at virtually any angle on quite steep slopes, yet providing a stable, safe and comfortable work position. Using this ladder you really can reach places otherwise inaccessible such as beside ditches, as well as combinations of walls, steps, slopes and banks.