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Zarges PAX Folding Towers


Designed to provide a secure, modular system for those needing to work at height ... The PAXTower is the latest addition to a long line of innovative Work at Height access solutions for trade professionals. This tower system can be built up to a maximum tower platform height of 5.6m. The versatile one-piece fold-out snap-frame, with a platform, is quick and easy to set up and fits through standard doorways and corridors. This tower is designed to be built in 2m build intervals for a quick and safe assembly and fully complies to the latest EN1004 safety standard.

Brand: Zarges Product Code: 5535102
   This is the PAX-Tower folding 2.6m working height base pack  ( 2.6m work..
Ex Tax:£331.25
Brand: Zarges Product Code: 5535212
   This is the PAX-Tower EN1004 2.6m working height base kit  ( 2.6m workin..
Ex Tax:£627.17
Brand: Zarges Product Code: 5535122
   This is the PAX-Tower 3.6m working height kit  ( 3.6m working height - 1..
Ex Tax:£817.08
Brand: Zarges Product Code: 5535142
   This is the PAX-Tower 5.6m Working Height kit  ( 5.6m working height - 3..
Ex Tax:£1,249.92
Brand: Zarges Product Code: 5535162
   This is the PAX-Tower 7.6m Working Height kit  ( 7.6m working height - 5..
Ex Tax:£1,797.58
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