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Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet

Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet

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Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet
  • Brand: MLC
  • Product Code: TRIM2FIT
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The simplest ideas are always the best !

Trim 2 Fit replacement ladder feet are made of solid rubber and are pre-marked with cutting guides, allowing you to trim the feet to exactly fit your box section ladder whatever the make or size.

No longer do you have to waste time trying to track down the manufacturer to obtain the correct feet for your ladder.

The Trim 2 fit kit comprises a pair of solid black rubber feet with a deep serrated grip surface to the underside, which can be easily trimmed to fit all box section ladders up to a maximum external stile size of 89mm x 25mm (3.5in x 1in).

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