Werner Fibreglass Podium Steps

Werner Fibreglass Podium Steps

The Werner Podium range of fibreglass safety steps offers a super stable platform which is ideal for working at fixed heights and is easier to manoeuvre than scaffold towers. When using in electrical areas, it's non-conductive properties keep you safe and secure, the extra-large platform with toe guard feels like you are standing on the ground and the waist-high guardrail securely wraps around the work zone and allows you to work facing any direction.  Good quality over-sized rubber anti-slip feet make sure this step stays where you put it and in addition to this, the newly designed feet gives the bottom of the step protection from every angle.  The large oversized edge bracing at the base of the podium provides additional strength and support making this product ideal for all applications.  The Lock-Top Extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact and conveniently organizes tool and accessories.  The Lock Top accessories for this system can be viewed at our accessories page above.

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6 Tread Fibreglass Podium Step


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