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Stand Off Bracket

Stand Off Bracket

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Stand Off Bracket
  • Brand: MLC
  • Product Code: SOB
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Our all new "V" notched all aluminium stand off (or ladder stay as they are sometimes called), is a lightweight attachment suitable for all ladders.

It simply clips on to the top of any ladder and the thick rubber wall pads rest against the wall, helping to reduce the chance of your ladder slipping. The bracket supports the ladder 300mm (12in) away from the wall for easy and comfortable painting or general maintenance work.

Our V-notched bracket is far more versatile than the original straight design, being capable of straddling down pipes or even resting your ladder against the corner of a building as shown.

An invaluable accessory especially useful for clearing plastic guttering without damaging it!.... while adding stability and extra lateral grip to the top of the ladder....fitted in seconds (no nuts & bolts)

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