Choose from our extensive range of accessories to make working at height easier, more comfortable and more importantly... safer. We offer a huge selection including anti-slip devices, stabilising aids, replacement feet and more... all available from stock with fast, free delivery!

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50 Record of Inspection Labels

The Ladder Association is 'The recognised authority in the UK'  when it comes to anything to do..

Ex Tax: £12.50

Hailo TP1 Stair Platform

Painting walls, hanging decorations, changing light bulbs, checking smoke alarms - normally you’ll o..

Ex Tax: £70.63

Ladder Clamps

The indispensable accessory for securing ladders quickly and safely to a vehicle roof rack. Simple t..

Ex Tax: £18.75

Ladder Pads

A pair of thick, soft urethane sleeves for the top of your ladder offering protection to surfaces li..

Ex Tax: £15.00

Ladder Safety Legs

A Sturdy pair of stabiliser legs which quickly attach to most ladders to give superb added lateral s..

Ex Tax: £54.17


         L A D D E R G U A R DThe Law demands that should trespasse..

Ex Tax: £70.83

LadderMat Leveller

The best ideas are always the simplest.... that's certainly true of the LadderMat... Four heavy du..

Ex Tax: £18.33

Laddermate Base Stabiliser

Simple but extremely effective.... instantly fits between the bottom two rungs of your ladder to cre..

Ex Tax: £75.00

Rhino 'SafeClamp' Ladder Clamps

Rhino SafeClamps are  revolutionary universal clamps designed for the safe transporting and sec..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Stand Off Bracket

Our all new "V" notched all aluminium stand off (or ladder stay as they are sometimes called), is a ..

Ex Tax: £28.33


The all new "MAXISTOPPA" is an all rubber anti-slip device which we reckon is indestructable and wil..

Ex Tax: £55.00


The all new "MEGASTOPPA" is the Daddy of them all when it comes to simple, effective anti-slip devic..

Ex Tax: £40.00

The 'Ultimate' Square-Wheel Ladder Stay

The 'Ultimate' is the most versatile stand off on the market. Designed and produced to exacting stan..

Ex Tax: £95.83

The LadderM8rix Professional Ladder Base Anchor

Never climb a ladder again without one!The Ladder M8rix™ Professional is a simple safety device that..

Ex Tax: £60.00

The Stopper

The unique 'Ladder Stopper'.Very simple yet incredibly effective at preventing the main cause of lad..

Ex Tax: £45.83

Trim 2 Fit Replacement Ladder Feet

The simplest ideas are always the best ! Trim 2 Fit replacement ladder feet are made of solid rubber..

Ex Tax: £7.50

Universal Ladder Platform

Work in comfort and safety with this ingenious sturdy work platform. Simply hook it onto the rungs o..

Ex Tax: £21.67

Universal Roof Hook

One of our best selling accessories.... The Universal Roof Hook, quickly and easily clamps to the to..

Ex Tax: £24.17

Ladder Storage Brackets

When it comes to storing your ladders safely, you need a pair of really heavy duty wall brackets tha..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Multi-Pack 10 Inspection Tags

Make sure you comply with the latest regulations regarding ladder inspection by  fitting  ..

Ex Tax: £20.83

Werner Work Restraint Kit

Work Restraint KitPrevents the user from reaching a position where a fall from height exists.The Wer..

Ex Tax: £37.50

Werner Fall Arrest Kit

FALL ARREST KIT   Ensures maximum protection in the event of a fallThe Werner Fall Arres..

Ex Tax: £56.67

Werner Lock-in Job Caddy

 STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserThe 79005 Lock-In Job Caddy e..

Ex Tax: £16.67

Werner Lock-in Utility Bucket

 STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserThe 79004 Lock-In Utility Buc..

Ex Tax: £16.67

Werner Professional Construction Workers Kit

Professional Construction Workers KitSuitable to use in a variety of environments for a range of app..

Ex Tax: £104.17

Werner Lock-in Paint Cup

 STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserThe 79001 Lock-In Paint Cup i..

Ex Tax: £12.50

Werner Professional Roof Workers Kit

Professional Roof Workers KitDesigned for safe working around roofing applications. Suitable for use..

Ex Tax: £104.17

Werner Lock-in Paint Cup Disposable Liners (4)

   STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserWerner disposable pain..

Ex Tax: £10.83

Werner Lock-in Tool Lasso (2)

 STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserThe 79007 Lock-In ToolLasso s..

Ex Tax: £10.83

Werner Lock-in Utility Hook

 STYLEUSER OR FACTORY INSTALLEDFibreglass Stepladder AccessoryUserThe 79006 Lock-In Utility Hoo..

Ex Tax: £10.00