HENCHMAN Platform Tripod Ladder 2.4m with 3 adjustable legs

HENCHMAN Platform Tripod Ladder 2.4m with 3 adjustable legs

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Platform Tripod Ladder with 3 adjustable legs (2.4 m closed)

  • Three adjustable legs allow for level and stable steps on very uneven or sloping terrain
  • Uniquely, all Henchman Tripods include the 7" deep "Platform" rung for safety and comfort
  • Tuck your legs in, gain added support against your thighs, without hitting shins on rung above
  • Top rail for one-handed support whilst working; or for leaning against whilst using both hands
  • Wide, clawed feet are designed to "grab" soft ground and so prevent slipping or sudden sinking
  • The 3-leg 'milking stool' principle makes it impossible to wobble and extremely difficult to topple
  • Narrow top and third leg for access to tight awkward spaces.
  • Incredibly light for ease of carriage and storage
  • FREE Rubber 'pull-on-shoes' for added grip and no scratching inside or on hard slippery surfaces
  • Uniquely broad range of height options. Available in 6' to 16' sizes

Adjustable leg Tripod ladders offer the perfect solution for gaining access on uneven ground or difficult to reach places.

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Fully adjustable tripod ladders are robust but amazingly lightweight ladders... The rear leg is telescopic and adjustable in 150mm stages with a spring-loaded locking pin, while the two front legs can be independently adjusted in 50mm steps. This allows the ladder to be used on steps, stairs and at virtually any angle on quite steep slopes, yet providing a stable, safe and comfortable work position. Using this ladder you really can reach places otherwise inaccessible such as beside ditches, as well as combinations of walls, steps, slopes and banks. Henchman adjustable tripod ladders have a safe working load rating of 150kg (23.5st) and are available in either standard form or the stronger Professional model which is built to withstand the rigours of everyday use (select when adding to cart)
As standard, this ladder is supplied with round alloy clawed feet for superb grip and 'no-sink' properties on soft ground. Should you wish to use the ladder on hard, smooth surfaces, a set of three rubber boots to clip over the aluminium feet are included free with every Henchman tripod ladder.



HENCHMAN Platform Tripod Ladder 2.4m with 3 adjustable legs





Closed Height (legs not extended)


Platform Height


Maximum Depth (legs not extended)


Adjustment on front legs

457 mm in 50mm stages

Adjustment on back leg

457 mm in 50mm stages

Weight   (Standard / Professional)

8kg / 10kg


5 years

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