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Fixed Access Ladders


Fixed-access ladders offer an inexpensive, modular solution to permanent roof access installations and can be configured to suit any situation from stock modules for fast, easy on-site assembly.

Manufactured in a choice of either natural aluminium or galvanized steel, they are supplied with or without fall protection back hoops and with a range of entry and top exit options to suit all possible situations.

Designed and manufactured to conform to the latest European standard for fixed access ladders DIN EN14122-4,  as well as any other relevant European standards, these ladders represent the ultimate in quality German design and manufacture. The range covers all conceivable configurations designed to be bolted together and cut to size on-site as required. Available in five basic configurations... Hymer and Krause fixed ladders are used for permanent access to a structure, machine, or building. The choice of ladder depends on your install environment. Hymer aluminium fixed access ladders are used more so in an internal environment as their light weight makes them easier to install. In contrast, the Krause galvanized steel fixed ladders are heavier but more durable in external situations.