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Surveyors Ladders

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The time-honoured design of the surveyor's ladder is as popular as ever. Produced in 1-metre sections, as many as six can be quickly and easily slotted together to form a length of ladder which is exactly right for each individual job. When finished.... the sections will drop into the boot of your car and no-one will ever know you are carrying a ladder. Strong extruded aluminium spigots join the sections together while ribbed round rungs and solid rubber feet make for a simple and easy to use ladder that will store in the smallest space.

Brand: Chase Product Code: CSU3H
  A sturdy industrial quality 3 piece sectional ladder made in 3 x 3ft (0.92m) pieces maximu..
Ex Tax:£147.50
Brand: Chase Product Code: CSU4H
  A sturdy industrial quality 4 piece sectional ladder made in 4 x 3ft (0.92m) pieces maximu..
Ex Tax:£177.50
Brand: Chase Product Code: CSU5H
  A sturdy industrial quality 5 piece sectional ladder made in 5 x 3ft (90cm) pieces maximum..
Ex Tax:£205.00
Brand: Chase Product Code: CSU6H
  A sturdy industrial quality 6 piece sectional ladder made in 3ft (90cm) pieces maximu..
Ex Tax:£232.50
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