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The Four Main Ladder Materials

November 21, 2016 0
As we know, ladders are an essential part of both our home and working lives. They provide us with a way of reaching the roof to clean out the gutter or retrieve a lost ball, and they allow us to carry in with a wok day as something like a painter or plasterer. Ladders are the centre of many people’s livelihoods, but we would never know as the ladder is so often forgotten about. When we choose our ladders it is based on the material used as well. Here are the four main materials used to make ladders, and some of the advantages they hold for those interested in purchasing them.Aluminium LaddersProbably one of the most popular materials for a ladder to be made from, aluminium is particularly favoured among home owners for its reasonable price and lightweight feel. They are cheaper than woo...
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Ladder News – The serious, and not so serious side of ladder ownership

November 18, 2016 0
Ladders can be dangerous, and this time of year many homeowners are dusting off their rickety models for those once-a-year jobs like cleaning the gutters, scraping moss from the roof and putting up festive decorations.  There are many safety checks to perform when using a ladder, which we have written extensively about, but still people manage to injure themselves needlessly.  Three people in Danville, Virginia, were electrocuted on 15th October, when a ladder they had been using slipped against the side of the house and fell against an overhead power line.  They had been painting the windows on the upper level of the house, when the incident happened.  It was around midday.  All three were on the ground at the time moving the ladder, but they did not collapse it before doing so.  Wh...
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Ladders in Entertainment

November 14, 2016 0
When people think about ladders and what they are used for, the first thought that will come to many is their role as a tool. After all, the ladder is there to serve us through a range of situations – from painting to laying new roof tiles. It is not often entertainment that comes as the first thought. Not in things like film and television either, but in sports such as wrestling and arts like acrobatics. There are some fantastic examples of ladders being used in situations such as this, and they are highlighted here, in this article on ladders in entertainment.In Wrestling Popular sport in many countries, wrestling may not be the first you would associate with the use of ladders – unless they were being used in a violent attack against the opponent. However, there is actually a very ...
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Ladders and Cages

October 30, 2016 0
Ladders are more visible in our lives than we might notice. Of course, having read that sentence you may find yourself seeing them more clearly in your day to day life – even in places you could have sworn you had never seen them before. They are the simple solution to getting a little higher and they take up hardly any space due to their totally vertical nature. However, there are some ladders that require a little more space and some extra security. These ladders are known as caged ladders, and they are surrounded by metal bars or mesh to protect the climber from falling off – especially if it’s quite high up. Here is when a ladder needs to be caged, as well as those that are exempt.Why Cage a Ladder?As briefly mentioned before, ladder cages are there to protect you from falling. A...
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Ladder World Records

October 28, 2016 0
Ladders may be tools, but they can also be so much more than that. In fact, ladders have featured frequently in world record attempts, as people try to break the record for things like the longest ladder, and ladders balanced on their chins. Across the world, people have broken all sorts of interesting records with ladders and created some pretty amazing results. Take a look at some of the best ladder world records – they really are quite amazing.Longest time balancing an eight-foot ladder on its leg on a chin In 2013, Brian Pankey broke his own record of 13.72 seconds for balancing a ladder on its leg on his chin. The new record was an absolutely amazing 55.85 seconds, which is a massive leap from his original number. This young American had a lot to feel proud of after his amazing feat...
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Ladders for Dogs

October 26, 2016 0
Ladders are an incredibly useful tool for humans, and they serve a wide range of purposes in our daily lives. However, it is not just humans that are able to get a great deal of use out of them, our dogs can too. There are a range of situations in which dogs can make excellent use of a ladder in their lives, especially if they like to company you on boating or fishing trips. So if you are looking for something that can give your furry friend a hand, or are just interested in the use dogs can have for ladders, you are sure to find a range of options right here.Dog Ladders for Boats There are several types of ladder that you can purchase for your dogs for use with your boat, with each working specifically with a particular type. They are perfect for helping your pet on board after a swim or ...
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Famous Ladders

October 14, 2016 0
Ladders are an essential part of our lives, and one that we take for granted more often than we might realise. They are everywhere, and they surround our lives – appearing in places you may not have even noticed before. In fact, some ladders are so noteworthy that they have been become famous among those who admire the tool. Some are ancient, and others a little more modern. However, what they all share is their purpose and name, providing a way to reach a higher level. There are three main ladders that are considered famous around the world, and they are listed here for your enjoyment.The Church of the Holy SepulchreThis ladder in Jerusalem is considered to be a revelation as it is the proposed site of the death and resurrection of Jesus.  As a result, the actual site has been a popula...
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Etymology of the Ladder

September 29, 2016 0
Ladders are incredibly useful tools, and they help us with our daily lives frequently. In fact, we often forget how useful the ladder can be and how long it has been around. As with everything, the word ‘ladder’ originated from somewhere, and it can be interesting to look into the past and discover the origin of the name as well as its evolution through time. So, after quickly refreshing ourselves with the early origins of the ladder, we can take a look the etymology of this important tool and discover exactly where the word came from.A Brief HistoryWe have covered this before – but for those of you who are new to our blog, it is thought that ladders originated around 10,000 years ago as they were found in cave paintings in Spain. This shows that they have been around for a very long...
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Different Types of Ladder

September 27, 2016 0
There are so many different types of ladder, each one serving a different purpose and being idea for certain jobs and situations. Before you get started buying a ladder or using one for a job, it is worth doing a little investigation and finding out which ladder is the best for the task at hand, and maybe even looking at some of the ones that might suit you well in future jobs – whether it is professionally or around the house. Here are some of the most popular ladder types and the uses that they are ideal for.Telescopic LaddersThese ladders are becoming quite popular, and it is not hard to see why. The telescopic ladder is both easy to use and transport, especially as it is so compact. It is able to slight both inwards and outwards, making it fully collapsible for the ease of the trades...
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5 Stories That Would Have Been Different with Ladders

September 23, 2016 0
Ladders are important, and it is a known fact. Without them there is a lot that we could not reach, and many things we would not be able to do. Cats would remain stuck in trees, ceilings would go unpainted, and people would never be rescued from burning buildings. Ladders are so useful, in fact, that there are quite a few tales that could have been very different if ladders had been used. Here are five such stories that would have been different with ladders, and maybe even ended differently too.Goldilocks and the Three Bears We all know the story of the little girl who entered the home of three bears while they were out, ate their food, and broke their furniture. Then she slept in their bed, unaware that they were returning home. Now, in the original story, Goldilocks is eaten by the thre...
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