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Youngman Combination Ladders

March 16, 2017 0
Combination ladders are a great item to have for homeowners and tradespeople alike, as they can adapt too many different functions from the same set, cutting down on the amount of storage space needed.  The Youngman range of combination ladders comes from a trusted and established manufacturer, who are the first choice for many tradespeople in the UK and beyond; so the 2.5 metre model is a good choice for anyone looking to buy their first set of ladders, or a replacement that can perform many functions in one.The Youngman 2.5 metre combination ladder weighs just 17.2 kilos, which is amazingly light for such a versatile piece of equipment, and when you bear in mind that each part can be moved independently the actual weight that needs to be carried at any one time is a lot less than that.Â...
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Ladder users and ladder losers

March 10, 2017 0
On this blog, we are no strangers to tales of stupidity, bravery and some uses of ladders that totally defy expectations, and here are a few more stories that are no exception.  We just wish The Ladder Association were still taking nominations for their ladder losers and ladder winner competition, but perhaps these could be eligible to get an honourable mention in this year's contest.  Our first tale of amazing ladder use comes from Pakistan, where a toddler was filmed making his way down a ladder that would make most people think twice about even using it.  He can't be more than three years old, but already he is skilled at descending from the ladder which features rungs spaced so far apart, and unevenly, that even experienced ladder users would have to pay close attention.Starting fro...
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Choosing the right ladder for someone else

March 07, 2017 0
When it comes to picking the right ladder there are several factors at play, something that makes it very hard to buy a ladder for someone else, as you can never really be sure of what will be best for another person.Thinking about the purpose of the ladder is a good starting point; is it for accessing high shelves and changing lightbulbs indoors?  Are there external property or gardening jobs that require a ladder?  What sort of ground surface will the ladder be used on most often?  Are there multiple reasons the ladder is needed?  Step ladders are an ideal solution for small jobs around the home, whereas a tripod ladder would be better for outside jobs and working in gardens, at height.  A multipurpose ladder will suit most domestic jobs, but might not give the range of heights need...
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Ladder losers

March 03, 2017 0
The annual Ladder Association campaign for ladder safety is in full swing, and this year they are looking for both ladder losers; those who use ladders badly and ladder heroes; the best examples of good ladder use.  Our first example fits firmly into the first category.An online video shows a man trying to access a ceiling by using a stepladder.  Rather than setting the ladder up on the floor, where all four legs are stable, he decided to gain some extra height by setting it up on a folding table.  It is unclear why he thought that placing cardboard underneath the legs would help in any way; perhaps he thought the ladder would be less likely to slip on the cardboard than on the slippery table surface.  Unfortunately his train of thought stopped there and he did not consider that the ca...
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What is the best ladder for spring cleaning? Part 1

March 01, 2017 0
Once again, as the weather warms up and we start putting our winter clothes away (perhaps optimistically!) and we find all sorts of items stored away in our homes gathering dust and so we start the traditional Spring Clean.  We all try to de-clutter our homes and make them neat and tidy, whilst also taking the opportunity to deep clean those now-empty cupboards and shelves, perhaps even giving a lick of paint to a tired room.  Most of these jobs require a ladder of some sort, and depending on the scale of your sort out and redecoration, you may even need two or more different types of ladder.  We take a look at the most versatile domestic ladders for spring cleaning, DIY and decorating that are able to perform virtually any function and not take up too much of that valuable storage spac...
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Single-step ladder for the disabled

February 28, 2017 1
Climbing a ladder requires some degree of physical strength and mobility; in order to safely use a ladder, the person climbing should have full use of all their limbs to maintain proper contact with the ladder at all times.  This means that the disabled or mobility impaired cannot safely use a traditional ladder, and would need to take a big risk to reach a high shelf or change a lightbulb around the home.  World Patent Marketing is planning to bring a new product to market that will change these restrictions on safe ladder use for those who would otherwise struggle to use one.The One Step Ladder is designed for people who are too weak to get themselves up a ladder, or who are otherwise unable to do so because of lower limb problems.  The equipment takes the frame of a standard step lad...
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Saddle up your ladder, we're going for a ride

February 27, 2017 0
Many people love horse riding, but it can be hard to do if you have limited mobility or are disabled, due to the height of the animals.  In the past, step ladders have been used to help people mount their rides, but the danger is that the horse could kick the ladder over and become entangled, causing the horse and rider to fall with potentially catastrophic consequences.  If there is another person present to manage the ladder this is a possible option, but it does not foster a spirit of independence for a disabled rider.  Single steps (like kik-steps and hop ups) are also used to help children mount a horse, but the same issues are present with this method, and it may be daunting for inexperienced riders to suddenly find themselves very high up.One man in America has designed an equine...
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Housing ladder comes to life

February 24, 2017 0
Cartoonist Tim Hunkin is well known for his sculptures and installations, having featured his work on the Channel 4 series The Secret Life of Machines, a show in which he explains the inner workings of many household appliances by way of animations.  His latest exhibition, Under The Pier at Southwold will soon showcase his latest engineering masterpiece, The Housing Ladder.  Based on the popular phrase that describes the uphill struggle that faces first time buyers, the interactive artwork lets users climb on a ladder in order to get their character all the way to the top of the housing ladder and into their new home.There are two ladders in the piece, the one that the character climbs up and the one that the user has to climb to get their character to move up the housing ladder.  The u...
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A rise in falls from ladders

February 22, 2017 0
Australian doctors have reported an increase of ladder falls over the past decade, to the tune of 47%; 5,000 people every year attend A&E, in Australia, following a fall from a ladder.  Most of these injuries occurred in the over 60s, with women and men seeing an almost equal rise in incidents involving ladders; over a decade the numbers of women over 60 increased by 81% and by 73% for men.  In the under 60 age group there was an increase of 30% in both men and women.  This large increase in ladder falls for the over 60s, increases the complexity of the case as well as the length of the hospital stay, as younger people tend to be less badly injured and also recover a lot more quickly.  Underlying health conditions in the older population also add to the complexity of broken bones and c...
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Firefighters to the rescue

February 20, 2017 0
Ladder accidents always increase around Christmas as homeowners dust off their ladders to hang decorations and lights both inside and out.  For many people it is one of the only times in a year that they will use this equipment and it is this inexperience that often causes the fall.  Erik Gaines, a father in Puyallup, Washington, knows all too well how devastating a fall can be after he broke several bones in his ankle, leg and shoulder trying to hang lights on the outside of his home, in early December.  His family called the emergency services and a fire crew arrived with their paramedic, to find Gaines lying in front of the house with an obviously broken leg.  They transported him to hospital, where he underwent surgery to pin the bones in his leg back together.  They were touched ...
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