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21 Apr The Next Rung On The Property Ladder
Rudd wendy 21 Apr 0 178
One of the most well-known ladder metaphors is the property ladder, especially in terms of how hard it is to actually get onto the first rung.  For a lot of people, that first rung is pretty far away but with careful financial planning, and a little help from the Bank of Mum and Dad, people do manage to buy their first home.  The thought of taking the big step to the second rung isn't even part of the questions when making that big investment, but the time eventually comes to take that next step.  With more families moving to detached, rural homes after lockdown experiences it is becoming harder for couples, single people and young families to take the next step on the property ladder  The effect of migration out of cities means the gap between the value of starter homes and second-..
14 Apr Leg Day Is Ladder Day
Rudd wendy 14 Apr 0 236
Climbing up and down ladders all day is certainly good exercise, but even if you're not a professional ladder user you can still reap some fitness benefits from ladders.  Using the ones you have at home can save you money on fancy gym equipment with a stepladder workout that really pushes your leg workouts to a new level. Build strength in your glutes with elevated lunges using the bottom rung of the stepladder to rest your front leg on.  Facing the ladder, the extra height gives both legs a more challenging workout and this also calls in your lower abdominal muscles and hip flexors, making it a great exercise for your whole lower core and upper legs. Off-set squats using the bottom rung to give extra height are another good way of building hip and leg strength.  Stand sideways o..
07 Apr How Are Ladders Tested?
Rudd wendy 07 Apr 0 269
All height access equipment must conform to very stringent safety standards in order to be released to the market.  Inferior equipment causes accidents and a fall from height is often life changing, if not fatal.  The best way to be sure you're using equipment which meets these standards, is to buy known brands from a reputable supplier like us.  We like a bargain as much as the next person, but buying a ladder that's “fallen off the back of a lorry” is a false economy and an invitation for an accident to happen.   Ladders and other height access equipment have their own safety codes.  For ladders it's EN 131 and for mobile scaffold towers it's EN 1004 (other equipment has specific codes which you can find out about on the Ladder Association website), so this is the marking you're looking ..
31 Mar April Fool's Ladder Fun
Rudd wendy 31 Mar 0 122
April Fool's Day is nearly upon us, so we thought we'd see what sort of fun can be had with ladders.  Avid readers will remember the excellent Christmas decoration homage to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation where a homeowner set up a scene that looked like someone was clinging to his roof with a ladder apparently fallen to the floor.  This would make an ideal April Fool's day prank for when your employees arrive on site, just make sure you get help setting it up or you might become the victim of your own practical joke. There are a couple of ladder prank videos we have seen where an individual is climbing down from a roof onto a ladder leaned up against the wall below.  If you're using the correct ladder, this prank isn't possible because the ladder should extend past the roof line wh..
24 Mar Ladders In Springtime
Rudd wendy 24 Mar 0 144
As we approach the warmer weather and the longer days, our attention turns to our gardens and outdoor spaces.  It is likely that we have spent more time socialising outdoors than in previous years, so naturally we will have compiled a long list of jobs we want to complete to improve and maintain our garden spaces. It might be a little early in the year to start thinking about fruit picking, but that doesn't mean it's too early to think about fruit picking ladders.  These specialist ladders are tripods, which have been the preferred style of ladder for garden and orchard work for many years.  The three legs provide more stability on soft and uneven ground than traditional step ladders or leaning ladders.  Tapering towards the top, these ladders are designed to access the heart of the tree a..
17 Mar How Windy Is Too Windy?
Rudd wendy 17 Mar 0 246
February's storms saw wind speeds of up to 100mph in some areas, and for many people it was the worst storm since 1987.  The Met Office even issued a rare Red warning due to the extreme winds, and we all saw those videos of people being literally blown off their feet.  Several train services were suspended and people were advised not to travel except in emergencies due to the danger of falling trees and flying debris.  We hope that no-one thought they'd attempt to climb a ladder in these conditions, but you may be surprised to know that there isn't a legally set wind speed cap for safe working conditions. Rather than a legal limit there is an advised wind speed limit of 23-25mph, which is between 5 and 6 on the Beaufort scale.  We all remember that from school, but if you need a refr..
10 Mar The Apocryphal Tree Rescue
Rudd wendy 10 Mar 0 302
It's a common misconception that firefighters regularly rescue cats stuck up trees – this might be a nice safe rescue story for a children's TV show but real life rarely resembles Fireman Sam.  There is a grain of truth to the idea, however, as the fire service were called to Trowbridge, Wiltshire, earlier this year to rescue a pet owner who had become stuck trying to enact her own rescue. The woman who was rescued had become stuck over 5 metres up the tree in the course of rescuing her pet parrot.  It is unclear exactly how a bird can become stuck up a tree, but it was clearly concerning enough for the owner to risk life and limb in her rescue endeavour.  Crews attended from four stations but after the situation was assessed, only two engines remained, using a 12 metre ladder to res..
03 Mar How Are Your Sea Legs?
Rudd wendy 03 Mar 0 316
Climbing up a ladder on solid ground can be anxiety inducing for people who don't routinely use ladders, but even for the most seasoned ladder user the thought of climbing a ladder when miles out to sea is just as terrifying.  Sure, there's no hard surface to worry about landing on if you fall but we're not sure dropping into choppy water is any safer.  Add in the high winds and sea spray and the prospect of having to climb up an offshore wind turbine is frankly fear-inducing. Onshore wind turbine engineers have the relative luxury of being able to ascend inside the turbine pillar; however, this isn't an option for offshore turbines where the engineer is fully exposed to the elements.  In both cases a fall arrest system and safety line are mandatory but the physical exertion of makin..
24 Feb Ladders And Trees – A Recipe For Disaster
Rudd wendy 24 Feb 0 244
We have huge respect for tree surgeons.  It's a tough job which requires more working at height than almost any other job we can think of (with the exception of high-rise window cleaners).  Tree surgeons work, come rain or shine, and they're often solely responsible for their own safety.  If you're not familiar with tree surgery you'd be forgiven for thinking that ladders are the standard way of accessing trees that need trimming.  While ladders are used for carrying out mid-level surgery, more often than not ropes are used to access the specific, or high up branches that need to be trimmed. The advantage of a rope system over ladders is that a harness and fall arrest system is part and parcel of the equipment, so safety is built in.  There's no danger of becoming stranded if a ladde..
17 Feb Choosing A Ladder Safety Course
Rudd wendy 17 Feb 0 171
Having the proper training in the use of ladders is essential in the workplace – most liability insurance policies require proof of training to keep your policy valid.  Apart from your legal obligations, it is the duty of an employer to provide the necessary training for all staff, whether that's the proper use of step stools for librarians, or the use of scaffold towers and fall arrest systems for construction workers.  If you're a sole trader, you also have a duty to yourself to ensure you have had the proper training so you can stay safe at work – avoidable ladder accidents can put you out of action for months, and in order to claim on employment insurance you may need to prove that the accident wasn't the result of your negligence. Choosing the right ladder safety course is very ..
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