Temperatures were record breakingly low in the US during January, with some places experiencing -50°c with wind chill.  In Mansfield, Massachusetts, a fire in the Odd Fellow A fireman stands by a lampost and trees thickly covered with icicles.building needed 100 firefighters to extinguish it, which they managed before the blaze spread to neighbouring buildings. The fire on January 3rd happened during the cold weather and the water needed to extinguish the flames caused its own problems.  Almost every piece of equipment used got damaged from frozen valves and pumps and the building and surrounding area became encased in ice.  Pictures show dramatic icicles hanging from windows, doors and lamp-posts, as well as frozen cascades down the walls.   The next day, Plainville’s ladder truck was still iced over. Fire Deputy Chief James Puleo temporarily earned the nickname ‘the abominable firefighter’ as he was so covered in frost and ice.  More than half a dozen communities scrambled their fire crews to help tackle the blaze, which was contained in very difficult conditions. Amazing pictures from the scene show ladders covered with inches of ice, blown into lumps and icicles by the weather.  An aerial ladder was used to douse the flames from the top, while firefighters on the ground cleared everyone away from the scene.  Luckily, the water did not freeze too much on the aerial ladders and these could be used to put out the fire. It’s incredible to think that even with all the ice on the equipment and the ground that the fire crews were able to tackle the blaze, so it just goes to show how well trained and dedicated the firefighters are.  After all, not many people have had the training and experience needed to use a ladder on ice, a ladder that is becoming covered in ice while it is in use! Don’t try this one at home, leave it to the professionals.