Ladders are an essential piece of equipment, both from a professional and personal perspective. Every home should have some form of ladder, as they are a key piece of kit when it comes to basic home repairs and maintenance. The work platform is no different, and has multiple functions in both home life and professional work. It’s a great type of ladder with some really useful purposes. This article aims to take you through the work platform, its origin and the ways in which it can be used. Why not take a look?

The Origins

No one is entirely sure who created the work platform as it is today, and its conception is unclear. However, it is interesting to see how it has developed and branched out, since the original ladder that was created thousands of years ago. The work platform has proved itself an equally useful ladder to the original format, countless times.  In the next section, we look at its uses from a personal and professional viewpoint.

Using the Work Platform Personally

Work platforms give you that little bit of extra security – ladders on the side and a stable platform with railings on top. In many ways, they are similar to much smaller scaffolding. Around your home, they can help you out with quite a few tasks. They are exceptionally handy when it comes to doing the gardening, things like snipping the hedge and ensuring everything is nice and even.

Using a platform is great when attempting slightly trickier tasks, things like painting ceilings and ensuring the high walls are evenly painted. They are especially good if you suffer from balance issues and have trouble using a regular ladder to do these jobs. Working from a platform frees up both of your hands, so that you can do a more effective job.

Using the Work Platform Professionally

Work platforms can be used extensively in professional terms, for all kinds of jobs such as; painting, plastering and simple repairs around the property.  They are also exceptionally handy for suspended ceiling tile repairs. These are primarily used in commercial buildings, and can be tricky to reach and replace using a standard ladder. As a result, a work platform can be used to give you easy access and free up both of your hands for a quick and thorough job. They are exceedingly handy when it comes to getting your work done.

Types of Work Platform

There are several types of work platforms you can purchase for your home or professional use. The standard one comes with one side on wheels (with brakes). You can also get fold-away forms for easy storage. Finally, the hop-up also comes under this category. It is lower down with no railings, but equally useful.

To Conclude

If you are in need of a ladder to help make your job that much easier, then check out our range of work platforms on our website. You are sure to find the perfect one for you there.