Ladder staging kits are designed to provide an alternative to scaffolding and scaffolding towers at a fraction of the size and with a much faster erection and dismantling time.  They are useful for maintenance jobs and window repairs that take a long time - longer than you would want to be on a ladder for.  The kits are to be used with a pair of identical Two men atop a ladder staging kit against a house.ladders (or at the least, two ladders that have the same rung heights so the staging can be set up on a level plane).  We recommend that for stability, the ladders used to support the staging kits are rated for trade or industrial use. If the ladders used are certified for the work environment, the toeboards supplied are used and the ladders are fitted with Ladderbrace stabilisers then the system is compliant with HSE regulations.  The system takes around 6 minutes to set up and erect, which is much faster than using a full scaffold and still faster than most commercial scaffold towers at a fraction of the size. This kit also takes up much less space in terms of transportation and storage. The kits come in different platform sizes, with lengths between two and five metres (all the platforms are 60cm wide) and are supplied with the anti-slip deck, brackets for mounting on the ladders, toeboards and handrails.  They will support a load of 270 kilos, which must be evenly spread along the platform (two people can be on this staging at one time, as long as they are working at opposite ends). Other sizes of staging platform are available from Midland Ladders, so once you have the kit you can always invest in other platform sizes if you need them.  Replacement handrail kits are also available, so you can replace damaged or broken ones or customise your kit with extra handrails.  The brackets are available separately as well (supplied with handrail posts so you can add the handrail tubes), meaning that if one of the kits is not quite right for you, there’s always the option of building your own ladder staging kit from the component parts available. The best uses of the ladder staging kits are for accessing building exteriors where normally a scaffold would need to be used.  They are not cheap, but for people who regularly need to access windows, guttering and other external features they are a great idea.  They take up much less space and time than a scaffold tower and are certainly less work than hiring in scaffolding.  The other main benefit of the ladder staging kits is that they can be used where a scaffold tower or scaffolding could not be set up, for example to Close up of an aluminium ladder against a ladder stopper.access windows and features above a conservatory or anywhere that there is something on the ground that prevents the set up of scaffolding. The only height restriction on the ladder staging kits is the height of the ladders used to support the kit.  Any trade or industrial ladder will do, but we would recommend that if the staging kit is to be used at very tall heights that industrial ladders are used, as they will provide better support at great heights.  The bracing and stabilising of the ladders is also very important, as they need to be secure and not at risk of slipping if this system is to be safe.  The Ladderbrace stabilisers provide this safety at the base of the ladder, but if these are not used then at the very least a ladder stopper should be employed to prevent backslip.  If you think that a ladder staging kit is for you, please call the team at Midland Ladders to run through the options and select the right equipment for you.