...Two steps back!  That’s the mantra for using a two-tread step ladder.  It might not represent the humble two-tread model as particularly progressive, but it can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Close up of Safety steps by Little GiantMany people prefer to use a chair or stool to reach items in kitchen cupboards and shelves in larders, mostly because they already have these items and would rather save money than spend a little on a purpose built small step-ladder.  However, it is much safer to use a step ladder than a chair, mainly because having those two steps makes it much easier to climb up and down.  This rules out the possibility of injury when stepping down from a chair that may be that little bit too high. A chair might have a backrest that acts as a hand rail, but the Little Giant Safety steps also have a handrail and wide, deep treads that are comfortable and safe to climb and stand on.  The treads are so big that this little step ladder can double up as a seat in the kitchen when you have a lot of people over for coffee.  It will store in a gap just 127 mm wide, and 80 cm tall, perfect for sliding down the side of the fridge.  It only weighs 7 kilos and can be opened with just one hand. The Little Giant model is perfect for older people who may be less stable on smaller treads, but who want to retain as much independence around the home as possible.  It makes a great gift for a grandparent, as it provides safe access to small heights and is perfect for the grandchildren to use when helping out with cooking.  Midland Ladders have this step ladder for £99 including VAT and delivery, and it comes with a 5 year warranty, protecting your investment.