Titan Ladders are a very well recognised manufacturer of ladders in the UK. The independent Bristol based firm has over fifty years of ladder industry experience and are often considered to be the best and largest British manufacturer of ladders for both the trade and domestic sectors. Although Titan Ladders don't supply direct to consumers, they have great coverage through DIY shops, plant hire and builders' merchants as well as specialist ladder retailers like us. They are members of the British Ladder Manufacturer's Association, further enhancing their reputation for excellence.

What Ladder Do You Want?

Whether you are looking for a wooden, aluminium or fibreglass ladder, Titan Ladders is sure to have something to fit your exact requirements. They also make spiral staircases and scaffold towers, giving them an incredibly wide range of access equipment: from industrial standard scaffolds all the way down to simple hop up steps. Midland Ladders offer the Titan Ladders Classic range in heights (closed) from 2.5 to 4 metres, with free Supagrip swivel safety feet (we are the only distributor to be able to offer the safety feet for free on all Titan ladders, which are worth £30). We also carry class 1 heavy duty ladders for industrial use, as well as class 3 DIY standard ladders, all of which come with the Supagrip swivel safety feet fitted for free. The Titan Trojan triple section ladder (available with rope operation) is probably the most heavy-duty Titan Ladder offered by Midland and this model is available in sizes (closed) of between 4 and 5.5 metres. As this is manufactured by Titan, you can be assured that the build quality is second to none and these ladders are certified to BS2037 class 1 safety standards. They will take a load of up to 175 kilograms and have wall wheels for easier extending. This coupled with the optional rope and pulley operation makes putting up these big sturdy ladders a piece of cake. The Trojan is Titan Ladders best known and most highly regarded ladder, and with specifications like that it's easy to see why.

Titan Loft Ladders

Titan Ladders also make loft ladders, out of which two of the four models are available through Midland Ladders. Opting for a Titan ladder for your loft access is an excellent choice; it's British and made to a very high standard: the name is well regarded and whoever ends up fitting the loft ladder will be impressed at the workmanship and ease of installation. The Exclusive model has a much gentler incline than most loft ladders (69 degrees as opposed to 76 degrees), making it a perfect choice for those with limited mobility or the elderly. This angle is also much closer to that of a staircase, so for regular access to the loft (as a play area or bedroom) without needing to put a space saving staircase in, the Exclusive Titan loft ladder is the obvious choice. The Exclusive loft ladder is also one of the most comprehensive options in terms of materials it is supplied with; the operating pole is supplied, which is not always the case with a loft ladder. The ladder comes with its own trapdoor, which can be ordered in a fireproof or non-fireproof version (this saves having to get a new door made if the hatch needs to be enlarged, and as the ladder stores on the inside of the loft hatch, using one which is dedicated for the job makes sense). The frame for the door is also supplied, complete with a rubber draught seal and plastic architraving to fit round the new frame and blend it into the existing interior of the house. There is the option to have an extra hand rail for added stability when climbing or descending the ladder and the feet come with plastic stoppers to protect the floor surface below. The sleek Beech wood used for this model makes the Titan Ladders Exclusive loft ladder the ultimate in stylish and practical loft access solutions. The Titan Ladders Deluxe loft ladder is slightly less expensive than the Exclusive version and although the Exclusive model has a spring counter-balanced mechanism, the Deluxe boasts a gas-operated counterbalance for fingertip operation. The angle of this loft ladder is the same as most other loft ladders (whereas the Exclusive model has a less steep incline) and it also comes with the option of an extra handrail. As with the previous model, the loft ladder is supplied with a draught free frame, trapdoor, architraving and non-marking feet. It also comes ready assembled for easy fitting and stores on the back of the trapdoor when not in use, thereby saving space in the loft. We have previously looked at telescopic ladders, but Titan Ladders were the first company to have manufactured such an innovation. Their telescopic ladders (the Titan Telestep and Tiger telescopic ladder) are certified to trade standards and are perfect for the tradesperson without access to a huge vehicle, as they store away to an incredibly small size and come with a carrying bag to make transporting them around a breeze. It's no surprise that a company with the experience and reputation of Titan Ladders has innovated quite so highly in the ladder industry; we think ourselves lucky for the chance to work with one of these fantastic models, and thank our lucky stars that the folks at Titan Ladders are allowing us free safety feet with all their ladders (excluding the loft ladders) when purchased through Midland Ladders. Thanks Titan!