Springtime is here! Summer nearly too! whilst that might seem optimistic given the recent and ongoing bad weather, it won't be long before enjoying the outdoors is once again on the cards.  If you have a conservatory then you can enjoy the coming warmer weather without being exposed to the elements; you can even enjoy a thunderstorm or April shower from the comfort of a conservatory.  However, after the high winds, storms and mini tornadoes some of us have experienced over the past few months, the outside of many conservatories will need a good clean, otherwise you can't enjoy the outdoor views. Cleaning the vertical windows of a conservatory is easy, as they are all on the first floor and can be cleaned by hand from the ground.  You may need a small step ladder or extension ladder to reach the very top, or perhaps a telescopic tripod ladder that sits flush against a vertical surface in order to provide a more effective step ladder system.  The Faxko telescopic tripod ladder is perfect for this because the back tripod legs can be set at a different length to the front of the ladder, leaning it at a freestanding angle which will get you closer to the work surface.  Little Giant ladders can also be used in this configuration: the Classic, Select Step and Revolution XE can all be used as a 90 degree ladder. Now the vertical surfaces of the glass conservatory are clean and you can see out into the garden, what about cleaning the roof?  Luckily there is a special type of ladder for this job: the conservatory ladder! It obviously gets the name from the structure it was purposefully designed for, but can be thought of as a straight ladder and roof ladder joined together.  The ladder is made from two parts, the access (or straight) ladder which reaches to the roof line and a roof ladder that stretches up over the roof.  The two ladders meet at the roof line where handrails on either side help make the transition from one ladder to the other as easy as possible. On the roof portion you will find rubber coated spreader bars, which spread the weight over the frames of the conservatory roof.  There is also a sliding platform that you can work from, providing a more comfortable working position than cramped around the ladder rungs, trying not to put your foot through the roof!  The sliding section has a bucket and tool tray which helps keep any equipment to hand. Designed and marketed for the professional conservatory installation and window cleaning market, this ladder isn't cheap (£539 including VAT and delivery) but it is the only type of ladder that will make cleaning your whole conservatory a doddle.  It's a big investment, but if you have a large conservatory it will save you money in the longer term on professional window cleaning, and you can lend it to neighbours and friends. As with any maintenance jobs involving ladders, make sure there is someone on the ground to get equipment for you, get help if needed and also to clear the ground of any debris that comes off the roof.  Wet leaves and moss that may have accumulated there will be slippery and this is not the sort of thing you want around the base of a ladder. Having someone to help also means getting the job done in half the time, and getting the kettle on early to enjoy a hard-earned cuppa in your newly clean conservatory.