We’ve looked pretty extensively at loft ladders on this blog, from the different styles available to the choice between a ladder and spacesaver stairs, even the potential for A man climbing up an Abru loft ladder against a white background.adding value to your home by installing one.  This blog article should put a spring in your step though, as it might also put a spring in your loft! The Abru Easystow spring assisted loft ladder is new to Midland Ladders, but we wanted to increase our already varied range.  We offer sliding and folding models, wooden or metal, telescopic and concertina style loft ladders already, so a spring-loaded one was really all we were missing. Made of strong, lightweight aluminium and complying with EN14975 (European Ladder Standard), the Abru Easystow is designed for the home.  The spring-assisted mechanism stops the ladder from dropping to the floor when it is deployed and helps return the ladder to the stowing position when not in use.  The user therefore, has total control of the lowering and putting away of the ladder, but the springs mean it is very easy.  This feature makes the Abru Easystow loft ladder a good choice for people with limited mobility or strength, who may struggle with a simple pole operated loft ladder without the spring assistance. This loft ladder can take loads of up to 150 kilos, but this figure includes the weight of anything being carried.  Most loft ladders have this weight rating, but it is still worth remembering how much can safely be carried up a ladder and whether the user may be too heavy for a ladder.    The ladder will fit any floor height up to three metres and comes with all the installation instructions and fittings as well as the operating pole.  The only thing not included is the loft hatch itself, although the hinges and door catch are supplied so they can be fixed onto an existing hatch.  There is also a metal handrail as standard, which provides extra stability when ascending or descending.  This feature again marks out the Easystow loft ladder as a good choice for people who may be unsure about using a ladder or with limited mobility. Close up of the top of a spring assisted loft ladder.At just £83.50 including delivery and VAT, this is a great model to go for.  Because it is in three sections it will only take up around a metre of horizontal space in the attic and should not take up much vertical space at all.  Compared to similar sized models it is more expensive, around £30 more compared to the cheapest similar ladder, but the load rating is a full 50 kilos more than that comparable unit.  If you are looking for a mid priced metal loft ladder, then the Abru is clearly the one to go for.  It may be a little pricier than its closest competitor, but given the higher load rating and the fact that it’s easier to operate, it is worth the extra money. If space is a real issue inside the loft, then the Abru might still be too big.  If it will fit, then it will be a lot cheaper than something like the Youngman telescopic loft ladder.  This ladder is comparable to the Abru Easystow as they are both made of metal rather than wood (which makes them more expensive) and they may both be options for people without the space for a 2 section sliding loft ladder.  The Abru Easystow is easier to put away and pull down, as there is no need for fiddling with the locking rung catches and the ladder helps pull itself up.  The Youngman model is good, however, for people with very limited space inside the loft. If you’re thinking of installing or replacing a loft ladder, give the team a call and we can talk you through your best options: it might turn out to be the Abru!