If you’ve been in the painting/decorating, window cleaning, roofing or carpentry profession for a long time – or perhaps you are a long time DIY-er – chances are you will either have some old ladders knocking around, or you have disposed of a fair few along the years. But have you ever thought of putting that rickety old ladder to some other good use? A quick web search will reveal all manner of ingenious ideas to save that old faithful frame from the scrapheap. Here are a few of the best. Shelving A yellow ladder doubling as shelvingWhether for home or garden use, even the most decrepit wooden ladders can be rejuvenated and given a fresh purpose. It may not be safe to entrust your own life and limbs upon its rungs, but how about a few plant pots, some books or ornaments. Wide-runged step-ladders can be used just as they are – albeit maybe with some necessary strengthening with screws, and a lick of paint to make them look pretty or fit your décor. The latter is optional, depending on your preference. You might rather like the “almost driftwood” look.. If you really want to make that old ladder earn it’s keep you could attach some shelving between the rungs, thus increasing the surface area, like this one (left) Framing If you are the artistic type, or even if you’re not, you may be pleasantly surprised at the visual effect which can be achieved by hanging one’s ladder upon a wall          . This can work brilliantly on a feature wall, or as a clever way of framing favourite pictures and knick-knacks. Again, the wood can be painted to suit your décor, or alternatively it can be lightly sanded and treated with an oil or varnish designed for the purpose – most people attempting similar projects recommend a penetrating treatment to ensure longevity. Hanging Old ladders, particularly the ‘A-frame’ type, work fabulously as a place for hanging almost anything. Be it towels in the bathroom, magazines beside the bed or newspapers in the sitting room or study, this really is a flexible and versatile storage solution. In fact, you could also have yourself a truly unique clothes airer for the laundry room. Feeling adventurous? Fashion a saucepan rack/hanger by suspending a section of ladder from the kitchen ceiling for a unique focal point and functional storage solution. If any of these ideas have inspired you, go ahead and get cracking on your ‘upcycling’ project. Be sure to send us pictures of your creations!