One of the most well-known ladder metaphors is the property ladder, especially in terms of how hard it is to actually get onto the first rung.  For a lot of people, that first rung is pretty far away but with careful financial planning, and a little help from the Bank of Mum and Dad, people do manage to buy their first home.  The thought of taking the big step to the second rung isn't even part of the questions when making that big investment, but the time eventually comes to take that next step. 


With more families moving to detached, rural homes after lockdown experiences it is becoming harder for couples, single people and young families to take the next step on the property ladder  The effect of migration out of cities means the gap between the value of starter homes and second-phase homes widens.  What happens is that homeowners can become stuck in their first home for far longer than they anticipated; as more members of the family are born space becomes tight but the prospect of moving house is just out of reach.


Instead of taking that next step on the property ladder, it is much more sensible to make changes to the existing property that create more space.  This extra space may come in the form of an extension, or it may involve converting a loft.  Even dividing a second bedroom in to two smaller rooms can temporarily solve the space problem.  These changes also add value to the home, making the gap between the first and second rungs much smaller when the time comes to sell up and move on.


Ladders are your friend when it comes to making these changes.  While extensions require professional tradespeople, internal changes can often be done by well-skilled DIYers and the right set of ladders can make these jobs much easier than expected.  A loft conversion can be done, at least in part, by someone who is skilled and experienced in construction but there are lots of examples of first-timers pulling off loft conversion jobs that are up to a professional standard.  Obviously, doing the work under your own steam will be cheaper but it will also take longer and you may have to re-do some parts of the job as you hone your skills.


When converting a loft into a bedroom there are certain building regulations you need to adhere to, if you want to sell the home with that extra bedroom (a converted loft for storage or office space can add value but not as much as an extra bedroom).  The main thing to be aware of is the access method.  If you're using the loft as a study, exercise or work space then you can access it using a standard loft ladder.  For it to be legally classified as a bedroom it needs to have a proper staircase for access, but space saving and spiral stairs do count.  We have a comprehensive range of these stairs for sale and they are very easy to install on your own.


If you need to make extra storage space in order to free up a room currently being used for storage, or half storage and half office, you can create extra storage in creative ways.  The space above a staircase is often underused, but with the aid of a staircase ladder you can easily access this space to install shelves, cupboards and even a bike rack to store items you don't need every day.  The staircase ladder, which sits comfortably on different levels, provides access to this storage when you need it.  A multipurpose or combination ladder with a staircase position is a great investment here, for access and for all sorts of other maintenance and decoration work.


The space under stairs can also be used efficiently for storage or as an office space, relocating the function of a whole room to an underused space.  Building in shelves, or a desk, is a good weekend project and you'll need a tall stepladder to do this work.  Again, a combination ladder will have a stepladder setting; so if you want to undertake projects above and below stairs, this is the ladder for you.


If you're thinking of selling without making any major structural or layout changes to your home then a ladder is still a vital piece of equipment for getting the best asking price.  Before putting your home on the market, ruthlessly go through your possessions and put what you don't need into storage.  With an emptier home it's easier to redecorate – often a lick of paint is all that is needed and you can use a stepladder for most decorating jobs.  If you have a multipurpose ladder then the trestle position could be handy for getting painting done in record time.  Making cosmetic changes to your home can increase your chances of a quicker sale and meeting your asking price but either way, a ladder is one of your good friends when it comes to climbing the property ladder.