Moving house is a great time to audit your ladder stock

October 24, 2018 0 Comment(s)

If you are moving house, either to a larger property or downsizing to more compact accommodation, then the time is right to take stock of your ladders and decide which ones can stay, and what must go.  Nearly every home in Britain has a step ladder used for changing light bulbs or hanging curtains, and it is unlikely, unless you are moving to managed or serviced accommodation, that you won't need that step ladder in your new home.  It is still worth checking over your trusty step ladder for signs of damage and wear that may make it unsafe to use in the long term, as it will probably get a lot of use during the move to put items away in high cupboards and shelves, and to hang wallpaper and curtains.  If the step ladder looks like it may not go the distance then get a replacement now, to avoid preventable accidents during the move.


Your new property may have different ceiling heights than you are used to, so it is important to ensure your existing ladder suite can cope with a change in ceiling height.  Some people may not need the tall stepladder they bought for changing the light bulbs in a lofty hall or stairwell if they are moving to a smaller home or apartment, and conversely those moving from a house with low ceilings to one with high ceilings will need to invest in a ladder that is capable of accessing these heights.  The Little Giant ladders are great for homeowners as they are very versatile, can be used in a number of configurations and heights and are not bulky to store.  If you are lucky enough to have already bought a Little Giant ladder you probably won't need to change this if you move house.


Another thing to consider is the storage space you have in the new property.  If space is at a premium you need to find ladders that can be used for another function, such as storing linen in a bathroom or bedroom, or ones which can fold up to a size small enough to be stored on the back of a door or behind a table.  Telescopic ladders are great for small spaces, and for anyone moving out of a brick and mortar building for a life on the road (in a living wagon or camper van) they are ideal. 


If you have a lot more space in your new home then there is less of an issue when it comes to the size of your ladders.  Outbuildings and garages are a great place to store ladders but they should be kept securely locked away, ideally on a locking ladder storage bracket which adds an extra layer of security should thieves break into your outbuildings.  Having more space can seem daunting if you are moving into a property with significantly more space than you are used to, but don't be tempted to fill up the space quickly, or stop paying attention to the size of things.  That extra space will be full before you know it, so if you can keep your ladders to a minimum this will help in the long run.  Little Giant multifunctional ladders are great for cutting down on storage space without compromising functionality.


You may think you have more than enough to worry about when moving house, and leave the issue of ladders for another day, but you're best off addressing this issue now so your new ladders help you move house rather than hinder you.