If you are not into wrestling you probably have no idea what a ladder match entails, so Jeff Hardy The Wrestler atop a ladder in the ring.we will enlighten you.  A ladder match involves, as the name suggest, a ladder.  The ladder is usually in place as a route to some kind of prize, whether it is a belt or a suitcase full of cash, but it often comes into play as a weapon or launching point for a full body attack.  As you can imagine, this is potentially very dangerous and although wrestling matches are choreographed (at least to some extent), there is still scope for serious injury.  Let’s take a look at the worst injuries sustained during ladder matches. In 2009 Jeff Hardy broke a finger and injured his shoulder during a ladder match for the World Heavyweight Championship against his opponent Edge.  The two men had set up a ladder outside the ring and were attempting to fall from the ladder in the ring to the ladder outside it.  When they fell, Jeff Hardy injured his shoulder and the broken finger occurred at a separate point.  Despite his injuries, Hardy won the ladder match and thereby the World Heavyweight Championship In 2013 a Money in the Bank ladder match between Rob Van Dam and Sheamus left both men with injuries, but Rob Van Dam needed metal staples in his head to close a gash caused during the fight.  Sheamus was forced to take time off to recover after his injury, a torn shoulder, sustained when he fell from the ladder.  He had been climbing the ladder to retrieve the prize briefcase when Rob Van Dam jumped into the ring and knocked the ladder over.  Sheamus fell awkwardly and tore his shoulder, leaving him to finish the match in a considerable amount of pain. The same year, a Money in the Bank ladder match caused a similar head injury to CM Punk.  He had been hit repeatedly with a ladder by Paul Heyman and suffered a long cut to the head, again requiring metal staples to keep it shut.

Multiple Team Ladder Matches

In 2006 Joey Mercury suffered a career-ending injury during a multiple team ladder match.  He was hit in the face with the metal ladder and started bleeding profusely.  He needed five stitches inside his nose, and fifteen externally and was said to have been temporarily blinded by the incident.  After his eventual return to professional wrestling, Mercury wore a protective mask, but the psychological damage of the injury had left his confidence in tatters and he left the wrestling circuit shortly after. Edge, the wrestler, stands in the middle of the ring.Edge, the man responsible for Jeff Hardy’s 2009 injury, was forced to retire from professional wrestling in 2011 after doctors diagnosed him with spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal.  This condition can cause paralysis and death, as the spinal cord is squeezed tighter and tighter.  It is thought that multiple neck injuries, sustained over years of falling from ladders in wrestling matches, caused the problem, and despite undergoing surgery to fuse the vertebrae in his neck on 2003, Edge was unable to carry on wrestling eight years later. Even people who are trained to fight on, and fall from ladders get injured when they do this, so it is a reminder than even the professionals get hurt when they mis-use ladders and we urge no-one to try wrestling around ladders at home.