As ladders have been around for such a long time, they have now become part of our Great pyramids in Giza valley with yellow dark clouds on the backgroundfolklore. Ladders as Symbols In our culture, ladders are used to symbolize going up. This might be used in ‘getting on the property ladder’ or ‘climbing the career ladder’. You may even hear it used in other ways such as being tied into climbing social class or going to Heaven. It’s also a strong superstition that people should not walk under a ladder. This is meant to bring bad luck. Egyptian Superstition In ancient times, priests would have ladders put into tombs for the deceased to use to climb to heaven. The Egyptians also believe that spirits would hide behind any ladder that was leaning against a wall. The space behind the leaning ladder also happens to be a triangle. Triangles were considered sacred because they had special powers in ancient Egypt and looked to be the same shape as a pyramid.  People worried that the sprit under a ladder could grab a person, unless they were warded off by the person placing their thumb between their index finger and their middle finger. Christian and European Superstition In Europe during medieval times, a leaning ladder looked far too much like the gallows. In fact sometimes ladders were used to create a makeshift gallows. It was considered that those who walked under a leaning ladder could well be guaranteeing their death on the gallows by doing so. It’s also thought that ladders were used to cut down the dead body. By walking under the leaning ladder, you were putting yourself at risk of being hit by the dead body. Which in no uncertain terms would be a very unpleasant experience. In Scotland, walking under a ladder was considered to be such an unwelcome event that there is even a lore where you can be granted a special wish if you do walk under them. What are your thoughts on this superstition? Do you know of any further ladder related superstitions?