Library Ladders

There is now a new range of ergonomic library ladders available that can be configured to slide around corners.  Library ladders run on a rail fixed near the ceiling and can be pushed along sets of shelves to allow quick access to all heights. These new designs can go round corners, as the curved running rails and sleek design of the ladder allow for a smooth gliding action.  It's not just in libraries (either domestic, public or academic) that these ladder systems can be used. They are often found in shops or bars with high ceilings and lots of wall-based storage, and these new modern ladders would work perfectly in such a setting. Manufactured by MWE, the new library ladders are fitted with a device that stops the ladder moving when it is in use (i.e. when someone is standing on it), and can also be configured to stop automatically at set points along the runner. They can also be made to stow away telescopically, or hook on and off the runners so they can be stored away when not in use. This means that when the room is being cleaned, or access to the shelves is not required, the ladder will not get in the way. The system can be built to specification if the standard units do not fit your needs, and they can be fitted seamlessly into wine cellars, onto single shelf units and anywhere you need access. Similarly, the suspension hooks and runner system can be used with an existing wooden ladder, should there be an old ladder you want to repurpose.  The ladders that are part of the MWE system can also be customised with different finishes to ensure it blends into the surroundings and becomes part of the room.