Many people love horse riding, but it can be hard to do if you have limited mobility or are sunny day in the mountains. the old gray horse is tied to an old wooden barn disabled, due to the height of the animals.  In the past, step ladders have been used to help people mount their rides, but the danger is that the horse could kick the ladder over and become entangled, causing the horse and rider to fall with potentially catastrophic consequences.  If there is another person present to manage the ladder this is a possible option, but it does not foster a spirit of independence for a disabled rider.  Single steps (like kik-steps and hop ups) are also used to help children mount a horse, but the same issues are present with this method, and it may be daunting for inexperienced riders to suddenly find themselves very high up. One man in America has designed an equine saddle ladder, which can be used by a single person and stays with the horse and rider, unlike a step ladder which cannot be carried along on the ride.  The fact that it is portable and can be stowed on the horse in saddle bags, allows people to go out for a ride and make stops along the way.  This is great for those with limited mobility that may want to go out for a long ride but need to get off and on the horse several times during the outing, and means they can go unaccompanied.  In an emergency it is easy to dismount with the equine saddle ladder, which could not be done if the rider relies on a step ladder to get down. The equine saddle ladder is similar to a rope ladder in its construction, meaning it can be easily rolled up for carrying and stowing away during a ride.  It hooks over the saddle horn at the front and means people with lower limb problems can mount their horse in stages, without having to heave themselves on using the stirrups and make large stretches to do so.  It would also be good for nervous riders, as well as those without the upper body strength to keep themselves in position, as they mount the traditional way.  Children could really benefit from the equine saddle ladder as well, allowing them to mount any horse without help from a parent or tutor and encouraging them to be more confident in their horse riding.  It is not in production yet, but it should be available within the year.