With Midland Ladders, online ordering and payment could not be easier and the 24-hour delivery on weekday orders makes us a great choice for ordering ladders or ladder accessories for the next day.  Now, you might think this is great service and it is, but nothing can quite live up to one woman’s tale of ordering a ladder online. A brown papered box with a question mark hanging over itMs Yang, who works at a construction company in Chongqing,China, ordered a normal step-ladder from a company based in Shenzhen.  When the package arrived at the office the next day she was surprised that it was much smaller, and lighter than she had anticipated.  Perhaps it was a magic ladder, which grew when the parcel was opened?  It turned out not to be anything quite that extraordinary, however what was inside the package was just under two kilos of solid gold jewellery, worth over £63,000!

Ladders or Gold? What Would You Do?

Ms Yang contacted the police, astounded to have received such a lot of valuable jewellery instead of the standard step-ladder she was expecting.  The police managed to trace the mistake back to the shipping company, who had mixed up the labels and the parcels were A pile of gold jewellery including necklaces, rings and bracelets.eventually rerouted to their intended destinations, much to the delight of the man who had originally sent out the jewellery.  Mr Ye, the jewellery wholesaler, said he used low cost couriers as his profit margins were not very high, but he nearly ended up paying a much higher price for skimping on delivery services! Now, most people don’t have the luck of getting something rather more valuable than they have paid for when ordering online, but at Midland Ladders you can always be assured than your purchase is fantastic value for money and comes with excellent customer service (just check out our customer testimonies!).  And we promise, if we accidentally send you thousands of pounds worth of gold jewellery, you can keep it (unless you would like to swap it for the ladder you ordered)!