If you’re wondering where and how to store your ladder when it’s not in use, but don’t know quite where to put it, maybe you could find an alternative use for your ladder?  Perhaps you have an old or broken ladder to replace but don’t know what to do with the old one?  You’d be surprised at some of the unusual ways people have used their ladders – And whilst we do not advocate using ladders for anything other than their original purpose (safety first!), here are some of the more intriguing uses we have come across:

  1. A Multipurpose hinged ladder can be set up as a clothes dryer; coat-hangers can be hung from the rungs and larger items draped over it – makes a change from the stationary exercise bike you bought yourself and never used!
  2. A straight ladder can also be used as a clothes airer; propped against a wall outside it can be moved with the sun to ensure maximum drying
  3. Multi-purpose and combination ladders can be used as the frame for a blanket fort
  4. A small step ladder or set of kitchen steps can be used as occasional, or more permanent seatingAn old ladder has been recommissioned as a shelves for plants in the garden.
  5. Step ladders can be used in small gardens in place of a rising or stepped planter; potted plants can be set on the treads and they will all get more sun
  6. Two ladders can be used as the basis of a shelving unit; planks need to be balanced between the rungs.  This is a good storage idea for a garage or shed
  7. A combination ladder can be folded in half and used with planks to create a shelving unit
  8. A step ladder can be used in the hallway or in the bedroom as a shoe rack
  9. Any ladder can be folded down and used as a magazine and newspaper rack
  10. A ladder can be used as a makeshift clothes rail, no more throwing clothes on the floor!
  11. An old ladder can be hung from a kitchen ceiling to serve as a pot rack
  12. An old ladder hung from a kitchen ceiling with a board on top makes a good high shelf to keep those items you don’t use very often
  13. Old ladders hung from the ceiling make a good storage solution in almost any room; store kids toys quickly and out of sight in the living room, use it as a suspended laundry basket, keep old tins of paint on one in the garage
  14. Ladders can be used in the garden for climbing plants, runner beans especially need something to grow up
  15. An old step ladder can make a shabby chic nightstand; a table lamp stands on the top step and other items on the treads below
  16. In the living room or guest bedroom a ladder can serve as a blanket or quilt stand, keeping the blankets at hand and attractively displayed
  17. In the bathroom, a ladder can be used as a towel rack and when placed near a radiator will keep them warm and dry
  18. Old wooden ladders can be cut up and joined together into a garden trellis archway; great with climbing roses growing around it or other trailing plants and also a free way to create a nice feature in your gardenA light blue painted ladder has been hung on a wall as a frame
  19. Wooden ladders also make good shallow planters for herbs and seedlings; lay the ladder down where you want to plant and fill the spaces between the rungs with compost and topsoil
  20. Small bunk bed ladders fixed to the wall make nice curio shelves
  21. Outdoors, an old ladder can have bird houses mounted to it, creating a bird hotel.  Hang feeders from some of the rungs and enjoy watching your feathered guests
  22. For easily changeable directional lighting, fix clip-lamps to a ladder, both rails and rung, then angle the lamps wherever you need them.  Great in an artist’s studio or for a party
  23. Two step ladders could be fixed to the underside of a nice table top for a stowable yet sturdy occasional table
  24. Wooden ladders mounted horizontally or vertically to the wall create an instant frame surround for photographs and artwork.  Perhaps a different member of the family could occupy their own space.  You can even mount pieces of mirror in the spaces to create the illusion of a longer mirror.  Mosaics and found objects also make good filler items.
  25. Ladders can be used for fitness training; a ladder laid on the ground is a good way of working on agility and footwork; stand at one end of the ladder and step once or twice in each space, or one foot in and one out – the combinations are endless!
  26. A ladder laid between two trestles with a board on top makes a good sturdy temporary table
  27. Turn a large space into two smaller spaces by creating a partition wall with some old ladders.  Fabric can be hung across them for a less see-through divide, or they can be kept bare to allow light through the space.  Your new room partition is also a good place for hanging things and putting books
  28. Mount an old wooden ladder horizontally along a wall, with a few inches between them.  The rails now serve as a bookshelf and the rungs keep sections together and tidy
  29. Even a small section of ladder suspended horizontally inside a gazebo makes a good outdoor lighting solution; hang jam jars on wire from the ladder and put tea lights inside for a rustic style chandelier
  30. In a school or large office a ladder can be turned into a recycling sorter by being placed horizontally on some short uprights with a bag placed in each space for each type of recycling
  31. An old ladder can be mounted at an angle with a smooth board fixed across the rungs to make a slide
  32. An old ladder fixed to a central pivot makes a great cheap see-saw for children
  33. Laying a ladder on the ground and getting children to throw small beanbags into the furthest rung space they can reach is a fun improvised party game
  34. An old wooden ladder also makes a great shabby chic scarf, bag and necklace stand or display
  35. Several ladders laid on their side and staked firmly into the ground can be used to create fencing for pigs
  36. An upright ladder can be used as an information point or multi-directional signpost at tourist attractions and events
  37. Cutting an old wooden ladder into small sections and then making a frame out of them covered in netting makes a great plant protector
  38. In an emergency such as someone falling through ice, or maybe even quicksand, a ladder can be laid across the danger area and used to pull the victim to safety
  39. An old ladder cut into small hurdles can be useful for training show dogs to jump over, and also for children who want to emulate their athletics heroes
  40. A ladder firmly fixed to the ground can be used as a bike rack
  41. On Bonfire Night a ladder can be used to great effect to hold Catherine Wheels when used upright, or when laid flat on the ground it can be used to organise each part of a fireworks display
  42. An old wooden ladder can be cut into pieces and used to make fences and gates
  43. If an old wooden ladder is in too bad a state to be used for anything else it will make good kindling
  44. Several ladders and some long strips of fabric can be used to make a giant version of snakes and ladders.  Try this in the park with some friends, although you may need suitably large dice to play with!

Have you used a ladder for anything unusual that we haven’t mentioned already?  If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.  You may even inspire someone to try a new use for a ladder.